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Interview with Charles, m ray, Leon, Jean, Accountant, Hot attorney, Gene, Lil Will, Cam, big boi, Claire, Walt, Carl, Ed, Devin, Mitch and Ronaldo

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
Charles: male inmates where black and white stripped shirt and pants, women where green and red stripped I think. if your an escape risk you wear a bright orange jump suit.
m ray: the sh* they give you and sometimes you would have the same thing for weeks
Leon: Coveralls most were stained and torn up.
Jean: Issued jumpsuit, issued thong, issued panties, issued bra.
Accountant: In Irving they had blue jump suits, in Dallas, I was in a holding cell in my personal clothing.
Hot attorney: Pink boxers.
Gene: Over alls for the general population. Shirts, socks, pants, & flip flops for trustees.
Lil Will: jumpers or striped suits
Cam: Pink boxers and had to be real lucky to get a good they were both jumpers and the shirt to and pants bottoms that are like the old jail clothing you would see in the movies with the black and white horizontal stripes..Most of the uniforms are dingy and torn and in some cases dont even fit..
big boi: black and white stripes
Claire: you cannot bring any clothing of your own into jails,you are stripped and given a uniform
Walt: NONE they didnt alow any outside clothes you had to purchase socks or under wear from commisary or wear theirs
Carl: The only things that you can wear is your own underwear and socks and thats it.
Ed: no clothes you wher there boxers and a jumpsuit that you have to wear for a week
Devin: I'm not exactly sure but I don't think inmates were allowed to keep any personal items of clothing.
Mitch: Everything was provided, everything was cleaned, washed and re-issued as needed three times a week.
Ronaldo: As far as i know, only women could bring in certain types of clothing such as bras.

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
Charles: Black and white striped shirt, pants with white boxers and socks.
m ray: yes in use to be a white fle crow jump suit than they changed it to a two pieace black and white stapid with dallas co jail on the back
Leon: See above.
Jean: Yeah - it was a white jumpsuit.
Accountant: "yes" dark blue, and ugly...........thankfully it was clean, because it was new.
Hot attorney: Torn jumpsuit.
Cam: shirt top and pants bottom..horizontal black and white stripes..
big boi: black and white stripes
Claire: women wear black n white strips top and bottom elastic waist with dallas county inmate on it.has a front pocket also give u some ugly moccasin type shoes
Walt: We had jumpsuits and pant shirt style it was changed out once a week. you were given what they gave you you did not get a choice of what you wanted.
Carl: The uniforms here is like a t-shirt like top and pants with black clogs. The shirt and pants are orange and usually most of them did not fit the inmates including mine. They were too big
Ed: white and black stripped jumpsuits that you had to wear for a week you only got clean clothes once a week and sheets every other week
Devin: It looked like the cliche inmate uniform. White and black stripe jjumpers with socks and boxers. They changed them out ever week. They were clean at least.
Mitch: STRIPES, some faded and became two-tones of grey but they were always clean and fitted the inmate well. So clothing was ok and I might add, everyone always looked good.
Ronaldo: It was a basic two piece jump suit. Both pieces had green and white stripes horizonatly with Dallas County Jail on the back. Shoes were similar to Crocs.

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
Charles: Many people would try and get extra boxers or socks, but if your cell gets shaken down, they will be taken.
m ray: yes to get the new ones
Leon: Just something that fits is sometimes a challenge to get.
Jean: No, the only thing you could get on commissary was a sports bra, and that was like $22. You could get Tampex - real life Tampex. That was pretty cool. The jail issues you Kotex - pads - no Tampex. And you wear a white jumpsuit! Some of that commissary stuff you have to have - Tampex, shampoo...Street shampoo is hard to come by. When you get there, and I forgot about this - when you get checked in, your family can bring you panties, sports bras, and socks. They just have to be clearly labeled, and they check them at the door. You get them three, four or five days later - whenever they get around to it. They can bring you shampoo. The shampoo just has to be clear - and they can only bring it once so you only get one shot. For bras and panties and stuff I would just throw mine away and have my boyfriend bring me more. You have to wash your own stuff. Laundry every week, but if you get a brand new jumper, you don't want to send it back to cleaning, because you'll get an old one back. We used to just wash our own. You can buy Tide off commissary and then just wash it in the tub.
Accountant: N/A
Cam: Clean uniforms were always in demand..I observed a lot of inmates get very angry with staff due to the fact that they were issued a trashy, dingy and stained torn uniform.
Claire: yes,u want to choose something a lit larger than your usual size for comfort
Walt: None absolutely not as a matter of fact if you asked you would probably ensure you didnt get it.
Carl: No you where what they give you you have no choice in the matter.
Ed: nope you get what they give you that is that
Devin: People usually didn't like to get one piece jumpers so we did what we could to get a two piece.
Mitch: No not that I can think of. But that does not mean it was not true.
Ronaldo: Yes. There were the new jump suits that were a bit different in colors.

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
Charles: Men have back and white stripped, and i think women have green and white stripped.
m ray: different color
Leon: No.
Jean: Yeah, it was orange and white for the men. I think it had to do with their status.
Accountant: NO
Cam: No..All the same..
big boi: yes
Claire: yes men are green and white
Walt: Not reaslly, they looked the same to me except I think they wore green and we wore black
Carl: No both men and women wear the same outfits
Ed: the same cloths for men and women
Devin: The color was different but that's all.
Mitch: Yes, women wore green and white stripes, men wore black and white stripes, and former escapees wore orange and white stripes, Trustees wore orange.
Ronaldo: I would say Bras and panties.

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