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Good Behavior

Interview with Charles, m ray, Leon, Jean, Accountant, Gene, Lil Will, Cam, big boi, Claire, Walt, Carl, Ed, Devin, Mitch and Ronaldo

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
Charles: No, on probation violations you do day for day.
m ray: yes on any county charge u get good time unless its a probation violation or a state charge but on state jail felonys u can gat whats called a 1244a which u take the felony conviction but do class a mis time in the county instead of state jail
Leon: No I was sentenced to TDC time.
Jean: You don't get any time off for good behavior. If you get 8 months, you do 8 months. If they sentence you to 30 days, you do 30 days. You don't get to go outside and smoke a cigarette and eat a burger. Normally, in the situations that I was in, the only people that I saw get out early was because they were running out of room. It doesn't really happen in a county level. A good behavior thing only happens in prison.
Accountant: No, I posted bond
Gene: Yes
Lil Will: On misdemeanors its 3 to 1 good time. On felonies it depends.
Cam: NO.
big boi: no...
Claire: no,i always had to time served.i think that's for tdc sentences
Walt: I believe it is an option in some cases and in some cases the judge can take the good time away based on the case.
Carl: no i did not get off early on good behavior.
Ed: you don't get anything for acting good that is why it is so bad in there people act out and nothing happends to them
Devin: No. I got off early because I did my time.
Mitch: I got out because I gave in. I plead out because someone like me in jail only survives for a while in places like Lew-Sterrett.
Ronaldo: Yes and no. I was assigned 5 days but I was put in trustee status.

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
Charles: I have heard everyone gets 3 for 1 day if you aren't in on a probation violation, TDC hold, etc.
m ray: 3days for every 1
Leon: Credit for 3 days for 1 day served.
Jean: I know a lot of people that have been to jail, and I don't know any that have gotten out for good behavior.
Accountant: Don't Know.
Gene: 3 for 1 when I was there in 1986.
Lil Will: 3 to 1 for county charges. I think is 150 a day for fines.
Cam: Don't know.
big boi: i have no idea...
Claire: what I've read and heard is 6 mos to a year
Walt: You can get 3 for 1 in County Jail I believe but that requires trustee status.
Carl: I am not sure how much time off you can receive for good behavior.
Ed: you don't get anything for being good
Devin: I'm not exactly sure to be honest.
Mitch: I have no idea. That refers more to prison than jail.
Ronaldo: I do not have a clue.

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
Charles: Nothing, just don't get into trouble.
m ray: 1 thing the charge has to be a state jail felony or any mis and dont act stupid
Leon: Nothing in Dallas County Jail.
Jean: I would say, straight up, it doesn't matter what you do - there isn't going to be any time off. I never saw anyone during my incarceration, which went on for 2 or 2 1/2 years, in and out, in and out. My lawyer cut a deal with the county (I was in County Jail) to get my back time and they ended counting it as 180 days anyway. He charged me the same amount of money to pay the fine in full and do 180 days. You're not going to find those Boston Legal guys here to save the day for you. Everybody gets a public defender - he'll have so many clients he won't know if he's in court or not.

I actually hired my own attorney (I had a public defender at first, which was the same defender I had had all along, but he just wasn't willing to work for me anymore). So I hired a private attorney, which obviously wasn't any better at it than the public defender was. In all honesty, though, a good attorney can help you reduce your sentence or even avoid jail for certain types of crimes.
Accountant: I would assume "fighting", and "arguing" with the staff.
Gene: Be a trustee. I've been one in the book-in area each time I've been there. They used to use ink for finger prints back then. It's probably a scan by now. I don't intend to find out any time soon.
Cam: Avoid fighting, and follow all the rules within the jail system so that you do not get a disciplinary write up that could cause you to lose your good time.
Claire: one would want to avoid sexual offenses or violence,watch how they treat the c.o's.i've never witnessed such actions but I know they go on while in jail
Walt: I talked to several trustees on my way to court and back and was told about the good time. I also witnessed some inmates being escorted to a time out cell and removal from the 64 man pod to be taken to a special in house court that could add another charge for them.
Carl: I would think you would need to avoid any fights and be a model inmate. Keep quiet unless spoken to for the most part. And if in interaction with a guard be very respectiful.
Ed: nope they just move you somewhere else or they might take commasary privliiges away for 30 days or if you get in fight lock you up for 30 days
Devin: You need to be well behaved. You can't catch new charges or get in fights with people. I've seen more than a few people get extra time added because of fighting or disrespect.
Mitch: In Lew-Sterrett lots of inmates wanted to become Trustees. So they had to avoid fights of course, no theft on their parts, and no felony charges.
Ronaldo: The actions you need to avoid in order to get time off are simple. Big one is no disrespecting the guards and no disrespecting other inmates.

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