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Visitor Policy

Interview with Charles, m ray, Leon, Jean, Accountant, Lil Will, Cam, big boi, Claire, Walt, Carl, Ed, Devin, Mitch and Ronaldo

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Charles: daily, depending on the jail, the times were different. All vitiation times are in the evening except Sunday, they are in the morning.
m ray: i think twice a week
Leon: Twice per week I think but I never received any visitors.
Jean: Visiting hours were every night, I think. First of all, they have to be on your visitor's list. They have to have a physical address and a driver's license. Everything has to check before they can come visit you. Don't be saying your address is 1222 Pensacola Way, and show up with a driver's license that says Buckingham Place. It has to be the same. It has to match.
Accountant: N/A But while in Irving jail, I released my personal items to a relative, and before she could pick up my things, they did a background check on her. So I advise you that if anyone comes to visit or pick up your personal items, please make sure that their background is clear.
Lil Will: Every day
Cam: Only 2 visitors week. From the hours of 7p.m. to 9 p.m.
big boi: everyday
Claire: by my last name ending in r,my days were tues. and fri,twice a week and weekends
Walt: Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays if your last name started with A-M Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays if your last name was N-Z
Carl: There were two days a week i could have visitors during certain hours only. Tuesdays and Thurdays.
Ed: I think 2 times a week for one hour at a time I never got a visit my family lives in oklahoma
Devin: We were able to receive visitors twice a week but sadly I never got any.
Mitch: I am not quite sure. My family does not visit people in jail including myself.
Ronaldo: I did not receive any visitors. I did not really stay in there long enough.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Charles: Check in isnt bad, you must have the inmates name, date of birth and bookin number if possible. The visitor must be on the inmates visitor list. You may choose 5 people who may see you once a week. Or 1 person who may see you twice a week. The visitor must show ID when they visit.
m ray: yes my grilfriend would have to wait for hrs and then get turned away cause visiting hrs were over
Leon: 1 to 3 hours I think.
Jean: Yes, it was. You could have two at a time every night of the week, I believe. I never had visitors except on the weekend because everybody worked. Of course, my boyfriend would come up there a couple of nights a week, but the problem with the whole visiting situation is that your visitor would show up, and it might take them an hour and 30 minutes to get through the line to visit you. By the time they run their credentials, and make sure you're who you say you are, and you're visiting who you say you are, it's just not really worth the hassle for your friends.
Accountant: N/A The booking process takes forever, and you can't post bond until this process is taken care of.
Lil Will: give it 2 hours
Cam: In some cases yes and some not..
big boi: about 10-20 min
Claire: actually.,it's not so bad during the week only on the weekend mom said the lines would be long,the searches were longer and visit is only15 minutes
Walt: Im not sure I wasn't on that side of it and my lawyer was my only visitor. My family didn't know I was in there until about the time I got out.
Carl: It was a little lengthy as they had to show identification, tell them who they were there to see and be checked for any kind of metal.
Ed: yep it takes about an hour to get to the visit and they are held between glass in a little room you talk on a phone to your visitor
Devin: I'm not exactly sure because like I said, no one came to see me. I assume that it was a lengthy process though. They're very strict.
Mitch: No- one came to visit me so I do not know anything about that. My mother stated that she would never visit any of her children in jail and she has remained true to her word.
Ronaldo: Again, i did not have any visitors but I did hear it is a lengthy process for those who do come visit. I hear the guards harass those who do come.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Charles: None are contact visits, Decker is close, but you have a open screen in front of you. In Sterrett you are separated by glass and talk by intercom phone. At George Allen the visitors actually come up too the tank and visit you through a small glass window made in the wall placed in the day room.
m ray: a little cell with a window and a phone to talk in
Leon: Not sure I never received any visits.
Jean: I think it lasted an hour. No contact. There's a glass window with phones, but half the time, the phones don't work, so it's really hardly worth the visit.
Accountant: N/A
Lil Will: no contact visits
Cam: you sit in a cemented room about 5 feet wide and 5 feet long with a bulletproof window and a phone and round metal stool that was cemented to the floor..the door had a small window about a foot and and 6 inches wide so that the officers could walk by and look into your room if they felt like it..
big boi: not so good a small window and sometimes the phones didnt work so you just had to look at your vistors...
Claire: at north tower in the hall there is a row of doors with numbers on them each one is assigned to a visitor.the inmate is called out and told what number to go to in the booth,there is a glass window and phone that you speak to family member through..sucked
Walt: Adequate it was a room by yourself and they were in the exact same kind of room on the other side. a seat a metal ledge and facing each other across from thick glass that you could talk to them on a phone hand set. I was only in that room once.
Carl: The visiting enviroment was very unprivate. You are inches away from the other inmates and their visitors so it was hard to talk as you I felt like I needed to talk over the other inmates for my visitor to hear me and felt limited to what i could say as there was no privacy
Ed: a little room with a phone you talk into a phone and look through thick glass no contact is is like a mop room very small and you barley get 45 min you should get 1 hour but it never happens as they have only a few rooms for a whole floor to many people
Devin: I'm not sure about this one, but in the past it was very regulated. You got to go to a booth with your visitors on the other side of a tempored glass window and you got to talk to them using a phone. It only lasted about 30 minutes and it wasn't very private.
Mitch: When I went to see my lawyer I was issued into a hall of prison doors, that slammed vigorously behind you. I remember the permanence of the sound. It was almost like the doors slamming signaled that I would not be getting out. I did of course, get out that is.
Ronaldo: I have walked through the visiting booths and they are not that impressive (which I know they are not meant to be)Dirty, small, and there is certainly no privacy. Guards are rude and i might say they are on power trips. I have heard they are well known to cut visitations short.

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