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Harris County Jail

1200 Baker St
Houston, TX 77002
Phone:(713) 755-6044

Interview with Julie, Inmate's Sister, Houston, Claire, Jim, Inmate's Mom, DK, Smyth, Ken, Charlene, Greg, GMan, Jamie, Leisha, Toby, Joseph, Lisa, Brandy, Consuela, Tiffany, Tom, nogboy, Rachel, Ralph, Chris, Sandy, Ginger, Craig and Lesley

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Julie: Only in for 6 days I had a out-of-county warrant
Inmate's Sister: 20years
Houston: 60 days, 1 for two , so thirty days
Claire: I was sentenced to 60 days incarceration, but since Harris County gives you credit for two days for every 1 day served, I only served 30 days.
Jim: This time it was six years
Inmate's Mom: He has not been sentenced.
DK: still awaiting trial
Smyth: 7 mos.
Ken: Sentencing was very quick. I went before the judge, admited guilt, he reviewed the recommendations from the prosecutor and read my sentence.
Charlene: I spent 6 days in jail cuz I didn't know the system until someone told me I could ask for a court date. I had my hearing the next day.
Greg: 18 day's, Apparently this suck's reading the rest of everyone elses experience this doesnt even matter, serve ur time and shut up and do what can make u get out of there with two arms and two legs.
GMan: 1 year
Jamie: yr - 6mths each ran current
Leisha: 6mounths
Toby: it was for 2 months. but since i already done 17 days when they arrested me a year earlier. and it was under the 12.44a section of the tx penal code i was to get 2 for 1 in actually i was only getting 1 month and i had done 17 days so i had 13 more days to go.
Joseph: i still havent been sentenced. i am out on bond.
Lisa: I didn't get one.
Brandy: Timed served and a $2500.00 fine to be paid within 60 days.
Consuela: I was sentenced to a rehabilitation program for 6 months but I had to wait in jail on tax payers money for 6 months....just dead time that counted for nothing. I could've saved the tax payers by being on house arrest but it was denied.
Tiffany: none, time served.
Tom: 1 year in jail probated for 2 years. I violated my probation and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.
nogboy: 3 days
Rachel: 180 days
Ralph: I was sentenced to two years in prison. I had already spent six months in county jail and I got time served for that. I spent a total of five months in the TDCJ system, so I felt like a tourist most of the time I was there.
Chris: i was sentenced to 180 days
Sandy: 40 days and 4 years of probation which I got off early
Ginger: My sentence was for 6 months.
Craig: I received time served of 20 months
Lesley: deferred with two years probation to start with ...then my probation officer quit and i got bounced around for a few months ..once i got a new probation officer he put out a no bond warrant on me for missing one appointment and being $250 behind on my fees

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Julie: I was hell I went in That Wednesday about 12 noon and did not get to House till Thuirday morning about 4am
Inmate's Sister: during the process of going to court they had him in harris county for months and months he would write me and tell me how he did'nt deserve to be kept like an animal for something he didn't the guards were being mean picking with him trying to pervoke him because they didn't like him.
Houston: Of course, hours and hours with all kinds of women. Hookers, transexuals, intoxicated people, drugged out people, pregnant woman , you name it.
Claire: It seems like most of the time spent in Harris County Jail is spent in holding cells. You're in holding for the better part of two days when you are first booked in, and then once you are officially booked in, given a uniform, and given a bed, you can spend countless more hours in holding, depending on how long your sentence is and how many times you go to court.
Jim: Yes, about an hour after sentencing you are lead back down to the other holdovers where you eventually make it back to your cell block.
Inmate's Mom: Bond was posted on Friday July the 25th at 4 p.m. He was not released until noon on Saturday.
DK: its dirty, stinks and over crowded
Smyth: Yes.. 44 hours.. Standing room only enforced by Sheriff Deputies
Ken: No
Charlene: no
Greg: 5 to 6 hour's, very long and boring reuten.
GMan: No
Jamie: yes,dirty, smelly, filthy, loud and un comfortable but once again this is not the hilton
Leisha: yes, very crouded and nasty unclean ,and deputies treat you like you're not even human
Toby: no i didn't spend time in a holding cell, after sentencing. because the judge gave a month, to get my things in order. but i did spend time in a holding room. it's not a holding cell, it's real big with alot of inmates stacked in it. it gets real crowdedin there.
Joseph: i am currently out on bond and awaiting sentencing.
Lisa: No
Brandy: The holding cell was overcrowded, filthy and one of the only two toilets were stopped up.
Consuela: It was miserable.When your finished with your case everyone must wait together in the same holding cell...even if its 20 of us. I went to get sentenced 8 different times. Everytime was just as horrifying as the first.
Tiffany: Cold and dirty. After court, I spent about 8 more hours in two different holding cells with approx. 12-15 other women.
nogboy: I turned myself in and 6pm on a Saturday, and spent 10 hours being moved from holding cell to holding cell. I didnt get to my pod and my rack until 4 in the morning.
Rachel: I was immediately put in a van and taken back to jail
Ralph: After I was sentenced I did not go back to the court holding tank. I was put on the elevator to march back to my cell.
Chris: i did not spend a lot of time in a holding cell after sentencing . the time i did spend in there was kind of crazy because there are all kinds of insane people in there.
Sandy: Yes, they take everyone back at the same time. They wait until court is completely over and then everyone is taken back to the original housing Being in a holding cell is horrible you have to wait for the officer to come back and get you and people are sleeping on the floor It is one of the nastiest places that I have ever been
Ginger: I did spend time in a holding cell after sentencing, it was a tiny box that was freezing cold and they left me in there for quite a long time.
Craig: Going to jail can be a terrifying thing. In fact, I take that back. Going to jail should be a terrifying thing. If you're on your way to jail and you aren't at least a little bit frightened, you probably belong there. As for the rest of you, should it come to pass that you find yourself on the business end of a cops-and-robbers transaction for the first time, you might find it comforting to have a few pre-memorized rules tucked away in the "going to jail" bag of your mind that you can use to make your stay a bit more tolerable.
Lesley: just for a min they pretty much had all the females ready to go back to there cells and just marched us back thru the tunnels like the cattle we were to them

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