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Interview with Julie, Inmate's Sister, Houston, Claire, Jim, Smyth, Ken, Charlene, Greg, GMan, Jamie, Leisha, Toby, Lisa, Consuela, Rachel, Ralph, Chris, Sandy, Ginger, Craig and Lesley

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Julie: once day but it sucked cause only one person could come so my mom would come then my boyfriend
Inmate's Sister: we seen him when he was in houston but when they moved him is what no way we can go see him with my mom being sick and no transpertation so we having seen him in years.
Houston: Once a day
Claire: An inmate can have one visit per day.
Jim: once a day for 15 minutes after they wait for an hour or two
Smyth: 3 hours if relatives out of state two days in a row once a month.
Ken: Not sure, didn't have visitors
Charlene: everyday
Greg: through thick screen's. Not fun.
GMan: Not applicable
Jamie: everyday
Toby: just about everyday but only 15 minutes at a time.and you couldn't hear that good anyway.
Lisa: Anytime between 5-9pm. 2 Adults per prisoner
Consuela: Daily if you had not been in trouble.
Rachel: 1 20 minute visit per day
Ralph: I don't know what the visitor hours were, or the policy. I know that visitors have to go through several criteria and wait in line. I only had one visitor, my best friend, and he only visited twice while I was there.
Chris: i never got any visitors myself but i believe jail inmates could get visits a couple of times a week.
Sandy: I received 2 visits and to be honest I did not want any visitors I did not want any one to come see me there
Ginger: You were allowed to have 1 visitor a day and they had to check in.
Craig: You could receive visitors when there was visiting hours. You had to have someone on your visiting list for them to be able to visit during visiting hour.
Lesley: 3 times a week if i'm not mistakes but only one visitor per day or visit

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Julie: no noyt at all
Inmate's Sister: wouldn't know
Houston: Not sure
Claire: Not really, but that all depended on what time they came up there. Visiting hours are from 5p-9p everyday, so you pretty much already knew that if you came up there at 5, you'd be waiting for a while. My friends knew to come up there between 7-9pm.
Jim: yes for two hours. They check all visitors for warrants
Smyth: Yes.. hours of waiting.
Charlene: yes
Greg: none,.
GMan: Yes
Jamie: yes
Leisha: YES
Toby: yes very lengthly..
Lisa: Yes
Consuela: Yes, the wait was so long that sometimes my visitors would leave before even making it up stairs. Sometimes the visiting hours had expired by the time they finally did get up stairs. Other times the officers would tell the visitors that I denied my visit just so they didn't have to come get me.
Rachel: Yeah about 30-45 minutes
Chris: no one ever came to see me like i said before i did not receive any visitors however i heard other inmates complaining that the kept there family in the check in process for a long time.
Sandy: You have to go through a process to see an inmate and you are only able to see them for 20 min and you cant hear the person very frustrating
Ginger: It took a long time for the check in process for any visitors, they had to be searched and run through a computer for warrants.
Craig: I don't know how the process went. I never asked they how it was I just seen the badge on then. You had to check in half hour early
Lesley: yes very stand in line have your id ready then they would have almost a guided tour of the jail before they got them to us

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Julie: extremely loud really not long enough i been in the county in Victora, TX and they have the reciever and the vists are an hour
Inmate's Sister: wouldn't know
Houston: Horrible, people yelling and the visits were only 15 minutes
Claire: The inmate and the visitor are separated by a plastic "window" of sorts, and you have to talk through a hole in the middle of it. It's a pain in the a**, because it can get pretty loud in there and you have to put your ear up to the d****d thing just to hear what the other person is saying.
Jim: loud and crowded
Smyth: Aggresive
Charlene: I couldn't even hear my visitor because other people where screaming through their talking screens. My visitor had to leave cuz I couldn't hear anything.
Greg: crowded and sweaty and fierce.
GMan: Demeaning
Jamie: ok
Toby: noisy and u couldn't hear that good.
Lisa: Horrible. You either had to know ASL(sign language) or you had to have paper w/u.
Consuela: It is very loud and it smells like arm pits. It was very hectic because you don't just see people from your cell block you see people from the entire floor.
Rachel: Terrible. I asked my family to stop coming but they wouldn't. Your separated by thick plastic window. You get escorted into the booth in your jumpsuit, then your visitors watch while you get handcuffed to a metal ring on the counter.
Ralph: Very frustrating. It was very loud. You have to yell into a little hole in the glass and then press your ear to the glass while your visitor yells back. It was just too frustrating to make it worth anything.
Chris: like i had said before i did not recieve any visits at the harris county jail however i was a worker in the jail so i did get to walk by the visiting area in the jail very often and see what it was like . it was very hectic with people yelling at eachother through glass . no hand sets and no contact visits .
Sandy: Horrible You are not able to hear the other person and the place is nasty and not clean they do not clean anything in that place and sometimes it would take forever to be able to see your visitors and some time you were not able to see them at all
Ginger: The environment was terrible. It was extremely crowded and very very noisy and the only way you could speak to the person that came to see you was through a little hole in the glass. There were a ton of people in there with you and no privacy what so ever.
Craig: the visiting rooms were go into a little room where they are on the other side seeing you threw a glass window the visiting environment was in a floor on the top tier of our pod. We had to see them through glass. We weren't allowed to touch them or anything.
Lesley: cold harsh and uninviting none of the speaker on the glass windows worked so you had to yell at the top of your voice and you were not allowed to bring a pencil or pad with you so you could write noter .. its like they want it to be very difficult to communicate

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