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Good Behavior

Interview with Julie, Inmate's Sister, Houston, Claire, Jim, DK, Smyth, Ken, Charlene, Greg, GMan, Jamie, Leisha, Toby, Lisa, Brandy, Consuela, Tiffany, Tom, Rachel, Ralph, Chris, Sandy, Ginger, Craig and Lesley

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
Julie: NO I made bail
Inmate's Sister: he deserve to get out early because he is innocent and for the old things he did back in the days he paid for it thats all he talk about is having good behavior and inmates and guards bother with him everyday so he can mess up.
Claire: No, not that I knew of.
Jim: No went to TDCJ
DK: no
Smyth: No
Ken: Yes
Charlene: no, my hearing did it
Greg: I did what I needed to do, get over the 18 day' s.
GMan: No
Jamie: no
Leisha: no harris county don't care about good abding citizens
Toby: in harris county jail everyone gets 2 for 1 basically so unless u f**k up u are going to get 2 for one
Lisa: Yes.
Brandy: no
Consuela: Yes, my probation was terminated three months early due to good behavior. But as far as them letting me out early hell no.
Tiffany: No, I was there for nearly 24 hours on a traffic ticket from 6 years ago. I did not mouth off and I cooperated the whole time.
Tom: No
Rachel: No.
Ralph: No. I was sentenced to prison time, so there was no getting off early for me. However once I got to prison I only served less than half of my sentence there. I never lost any good time. I stayed under the radar and never got into any kind of trouble.
Chris: yes i was a worker so i did two months on a six month sentence.
Sandy: Yes, I was sentenced to 4 years probation and I got off in 2 years I did everything that was expected from me. Being on probation is hell no other way to put it. I would not wish that on my worst enemy
Ginger: They didn't have anything for good behavior, but I think the sentence is 2 for 1
Craig: Absolutely not as I said no good behavior left to earn, got lucky to get picked up by a program unexpectedly if that counts!
Lesley: thing they call it good behaviour but you get 2 for 1 no no im wrong it was 3/1 because i went in on september 28 of 2011 and was released december 18 2011

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
Julie: NO for sure
Inmate's Sister: wouldn't know
Houston: I dont think that is allowed
Claire: Well, they do give the 2 days credit for each day served, if that's considered time off.
Jim: As a normal general population inmate you get two for one, if you are a floorworker (trusty) you get three for one. This only applies to jail time or time sentenced in county not the prison system.
DK: none
Smyth: Have no idea since it didn't apply to me.. only if your sentence is to stay long term at Harris County Jail do you get any time off. Don't know.
Ken: I believe that County time is 2 days credit for 1 served.
Charlene: n/a
Greg: none,
GMan: I have no idea
Jamie: -----------------
Leisha: 3 for 1
Toby: like i said u don't get time off for good behavior in harris county.
Lisa: I don't know.
Consuela: I am not sure.
Tom: 2 for 1
Rachel: I don't know
Chris: two days off for every one day you do.
Sandy: I got off in 2 years where I had four years.
Ginger: You get 2 days credit for every day you spend in there.
Craig: The county no longer gave time off for good behavior hasn't in years from what I was informed of by staff.
Lesley: think its the 3 for 1 as far as i know

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
Julie: NO fighting i would assume
Inmate's Sister: all fighting anything that will get him caught up.
Claire: I don't know what I'd have to do.
Jim: In county any "case" you get will follow you to TDCJ and go on record. All you have to do is obey their rules ad avoid hanging wit the groups who cause trouble.
DK: none
Smyth: Have no idea.. went to state jail.. you could pound someones face in every day and leave on the same day.
Ken: Avoid confrontation with other inmates. Do what you are told. Don't argue with Jailers about anything. Go to your assigned work detail.
Charlene: na/
Greg: get your butt in shape and get over the bs, and move on. Your paying alot to a man who will talk infront of a judge and you need to look ur best.
GMan: I have no idea
Jamie: ----------------------
Leisha: no fighting, community srevicea
Toby: same answer as the top
Consuela: Any foolishness like drugs.
Tom: Don't know
Rachel: Can't get into any disciplinary issues. You gotta behave at your visits too.
Chris: you are not really suposed to get written up for anything but i saw several inmates get in fights and get written up for other reasons and none of them lost any goodtime.
Sandy: I had to do what was stated in the conditions of my probation. Before I was released I had a big packet of information that I had to complete and if I did not the consequences were in the paperwork
Ginger: You cannot fight anyone or speak badly to the guards and you also have to do whatever they tell you. I didn't see anyone lose time.
Craig: The county no longer gave time off for good behavior and have not many many years from what I was informed of by staff and jailers.
Lesley: fighting ,breaking rules, taking or not taking your meds..and yes i saw inmates doing all of these thing while i was there .especially trading pills

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