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Interview with Julie, Inmate's Sister, Houston, Claire, Smyth, Ken, Charlene, Greg, GMan, Jamie, Leisha, Toby, Lisa, Consuela, Tom, nogboy, Rachel, Ralph, Chris, Sandy, Ginger, Craig, Lesley and Jim

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
Julie: orange jumpsuits
Inmate's Sister: slippers and top and bottom
Houston: Orange shirt and pants.
Claire: Jumpsuits. Street clothes were not allowed past booking.
Smyth: Whites
Ken: Orange Jump Suit at all times.
Charlene: one uniform we had to wear almost a week
Greg: regular stuff./
GMan: What you wore that night
Jamie: jumpers
Toby: just jailhoust jumpers
Lisa: Huh?
Consuela: Orange jump suits
Tom: You didn't have a choice. Orange top and bottom
nogboy: It doesnt matter what you wear, all of it gets taken and inventoried. They do let you keep your tennis shoes, dont wear dress shoes, they are not allowed, they get taken and you are issued cheap plastic sandals
Rachel: none
Ralph: None. Whatever you are wearing when you are arrested is put into storage. You wear only jail uniforms when you are there. When you leave you can have them back. If you are going to prison you can have them picked up by someone or donated to charity.
Chris: the only personal clothes that we were allowed to keep in the jail was our shoes ,socks and underwear.
Sandy: it was very cold in there you were able to buy a theraml to keep you warm and you had to buy underwear and women had to wear a sports bra
Ginger: Nothing was available to be brought in at all. You had to wear what they gave you.
Craig: none all your clothes had to be bought through the commessary. Very very very expensive
Lesley: none in this unit everything from top to bottom had to be jail issued and branded

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
Julie: Yes i had one they were alright but i hated wearing them for the women we would get some were the previous person may have had their cyle and stained the suit then we had to wear it thats very unsanitized
Inmate's Sister: all white black slippers thick socks
Houston: Same as above
Claire: Two-piece orange jumpsuits. That was it.
Smyth: Yes.. White Shirt White Pants
Ken: Orange Jump Suit
Charlene: yes, orange
Greg: yes I whent halloween shopping all I could afford is my jumpsuite.
GMan: No
Jamie: white/black jump suite
Leisha: YES,UGLY
Toby: it's an orange jumper with a shirt
Lisa: Yes. It was Orange.
Consuela: Orange on orange.
Tom: Yes, orange top and bottom that looked like scrubs.
nogboy: Orang Top, Orange Bottoms, Orange socks, and orange boxers, all of which were washed but obviously used by another inmate
Rachel: Orange shirt "harris county" written on back. Orange pants. Plastic Flip flops
Ralph: The Harris County jail uniform for men consists of orange socks, orange boxer underwear, orange stretch pants (similar to scrubs), orange t-shirt and an orange 'county' shirt that goes over the t- shirt. Strangely, not every inmate gets shoes. But when they issue shoes, they are basically orange plastic flip flops. Inmates get clean uniforms twice a week. You have to wear the full uniform when you are in the dayroom. In your cell you have to have on at least your boxers.
Chris: our jail uniform was a standard orange shirt and matching bright orange pants . they also supplied us with sosocks bxer shorts and shower shoes.
Sandy: I had to wear orange pants orange shirts you were able to wear the same shoes that you came to jail with unless they were heel
Ginger: The uniform was comprised of an orange shirt, orange pants orange boxers, orange socks and a white bra. It was ugly and nothing fit well.
Craig: Each inmate was given one shirt, pants, shower shoes, pair of socks and two pair of boxers all orange and they were brought clean pair twice a week.
Lesley: top was orange in the style of a smock like shirt that a nurse would wear the bottoms also orange just pull on pants orange boxer underware

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
Julie: no all was the same
Inmate's Sister: na
Houston: Yes the CLEAN, non tattered ones.
Claire: The most popular commissary items were thermal shirts and undershirts, as well as boxer shorts, which were prohibited for females, but some of us got away with it. They were much more comfortable than the commissary underwear.
Jim: You are issued an orange jumpsuit and shower shoes. You must get your own underwear.
Smyth: You could buy a shirt if you has money otherwise no.
Ken: Shoes
Charlene: yes, they were running out of uniforms
Greg: stated this was it.
GMan: Not applicable
Jamie: yes
Leisha: NO
Toby: no they all suck.
Lisa: Not that I know of.
Consuela: Brighter orange means its been worn less
Tom: Clothes that weren't ripped.
nogboy: extra socks to wear on their arms, to keep warm
Rachel: i dunno
Ralph: When clean uniforms are being handed out, its a very fast-paced process. BUT...make sure to try on the pants before the guards leave. If the elastic is shot the pants will not fit properly and you'll be stuck with them for 2-3 days. The guards don't like to stop and find you a better set of cloths, but if you are in their face about it they will give you better clothes. I was generally quiet around the guards. But when it came to getting a decent uniform I would insist on it and usually get my way.
Chris: all the clothes are basicallly the same orange shirt and pants.
Sandy: the larger sizes the bra and shoes and the socks
Ginger: Nothing they give you is in high demand, everything was nasty.
Craig: Anything that would actually fit and not be.near complete destruction was a rare gem.
Lesley: no not really they seemed to have plenty of everything

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
Julie: nope not from what i seen
Inmate's Sister: defintily
Houston: NO
Claire: Nope, we all wore the same thing.
Jim: Im not sure but the jumpsuits are the same
Smyth: No women so wouldn't know.
Charlene: no
Greg: no.
GMan: Not applicable
Jamie: no
Leisha: NO
Toby: no.
Lisa: Not that I know of.
Consuela: NO, sometimes the male inmates would write their names and spin number on the inside of the uniform so they could be contacted, isn't that sick? Thats how not fresh our uniforms were.
nogboy: same
Rachel: nope
Ralph: Not much. I guess the women got different underwear, but I don't know.
Chris: no men and women wear the same thing.
Sandy: no they all wear the same clothes just housed in different area
Ginger: The clothing is exactly the same for both.
Craig: no we wore same thing
Lesley: nope not at all even sane indies

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