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Interview with Dylan

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Dylan: The pre-sentencing process was a very long process for me. I had no money so I couldn't bond out. So I did all my time in there. I went back and forth at least 12 different times to court in my time incarserated. My court dates got reset alot either because I didnt accept the plea bargains offered to me, D.A wanted more time, my crappy lawyer didnt show up to court, ect. So It was a pretty lengthy process for me. I was one of the few at the time to be incarcerated the longest.

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Dylan: In December of 2010 I joined the U.S Airforce. I wanted to make something out of my life. I was tired of hanging around the wrong people making bad choices and decisions. I needed some direction in my life so I figured hey the Airforce would be perfect for me. Start on a clean slate, Make something out of my life. So I joined the Airforce and was sent To Lackland AFB in San Antonio for basics. In Feb 2011 I graduated basics and went on to Tech School for Security Forces which also was in Lackland AFB. In March 2011 I was called out of class by my Sargent. There they took me to see a military lawyer, which keep in mind I had no Idea what was going on at the time, I never really asked I figured they would tell me if I need to know. So I went to talk to the lawyer and she told me I am being dishonorably discharged. I kept asking her why are they discharging me I didnt do anything! She couldn't tell me though so I didn't ask I figured she was ordered not to say anything. So I signed a bunch of paperwork for my discharge turned in my Military I.d and at the end of it all she told me "Im not suppose to say anything but your going to be arrested today you have been charged with a crime not from the military but a civilian crime". Right then I knew it was over for me. I try to make something out of my life going on the right track and in the end get thrown in the dirt. She lets me make a phone call in her office so I call my mom and she doesnt answer so I leave a message and explain the situation. So after all that they take me to the security office there in the base and take me to a room where I meet to familiar faces. They were detectives from palacios. They told me I was charged with burglary of habitation back in palacios something that had happened several months ago and they were just now charging me with it. I told them right there and then I wanted a Lawyer I dont want to talk. So they took me to my dorm gathered up all my stuff, took me to the parking and this was around 4 pm when everybody was coming back to their dorms, so everybody was outside watching out of curiosity what was happening their own security forces trainee was getting walked out with the Commanding security forces officer 2 other security guys and the 2 detectives so you could see how this created a scene. The detectives then humiliatingly put me against their vehicle searched me, read me my rights, handcuffed me and put me in the car. This was probably the most humiliating, embarrasing,thing that has ever happened to me. from there they went to the San Antonio jail put me in the holding cell until they got me to the a judge where they could extradite me back to palacios. Then we had a long ride back to palacios where I spent the night at. Next day the male detective which seemed to have some respect and sorrow for me told me there was no need to hand cuff me walked me out of the jail told me I could sit beside him in the passanger seat and seeing how bad the situation I was in we had an enjoyable conversation all the to the matagorda jail where he handed me to the county.

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Dylan: Court was frustrating. My very first court date wasnt until like 2-3 months which seemed normal for that county inmates would say. First court date was my indictment since I was charged with a felony. They took me to the court house to the holding cell And I never even got to go to the court room. But they indicted me that day from there on was a back and forth process. Sometimes I got to see the judge sometimes I just stayed in the holding cell all day. So after doing this 10 or 12 times my last court day they finally offered me probation. I just went in front of the judge the bargain was either 2 years tdc or 10 years probation. Went back to the holding cell waited for my lawyer with the paper work, signed the 10 years probation papers and that was it.

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Dylan: I had 1 Burglary of Habitation. In the end they were trying to charge me 3 counts of Burglary Habitation and 2 counts of Burglary of Building. But in order to get my plea bargain I had to plead guilty to the 3 counts of burglary of habitation and they dropped the 2 counts of burglary of building.

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