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Interview with John

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
John: I received time on the violation of parole which ended up amounting to about eight months that time and for the other charges I ended up getting five years suspended imposition of sentence because I got out and put myself through a rehab and completed it so they took that in consideration and I was blessed.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
John: I remained in an open dorm with fourty other men and it is better than a single cell sometimes because there is room to walk around and other people to communicate with.sometimes the single man cell is nice to have quite time, privacy so i can think or read but eventually I was moved to Lee county Arkansas and slowly over a weeks time I was processed into Brickys Prison in Lee county. After a couple more months I was able to move to a work release facility in Mississippi county Arkansas and i finished my time there.

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