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Closing Advice

Interview with Katrina, Rachel, Graham, Gordon, Marcus, Melissa and Andrea

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Katrina: yes mind your buisness try not to get to any inmates because they usually arent real friends. Just do you time and get out and make it a learning experience not a habit
Rachel: Talk to them and tell them the crime there doing isnt worth it not fit for humans.not where they want to be
Graham: That I'm sorry that their loved one is going to this jail. And that it won't be easy for the family or the inmate but inmates need someone there to show they are still loved.
Gordon: That the jail was treating the majority of their loved ones with disrespect and just simply did not care at all. Some deputies, however, would do things for you if they liked you (ussually not).
Marcus: I'd tell them to save up for food to buy on commissary because the fact that I didn't mind it, a lot of people did and it really was the worst compared to other jails I'd been in.
Melissa: Get them out as SOON as possible. Find a way to get them transferred or bonded/bailed out. This place is a PIT. It's filthy, dangerous, grimy, poorly run, and corrupt. Hire a lawyer and call a bondsman, and have them repeatedly call and pester the jail on your behalf, because if you just sit there, that's all you will do. You need a professional on your side to get out of this disgusting place.
Andrea: Get them out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This establishment is NOT fit for a human to live in. Call a lawyer and bail bondsman, because THEY know how to call the jail and force them to release you or give information. There is NO INFORMATION given to you when you are an inmate. I was NEVER ONCE read my rights or told what "Charges" were against me. They NEVER got my "Phone PIN" working, so I could NEVER actually make my LEGALLY MANDATED phone call. They didn't listen to complaints, because "EVERYONE IN THERE IS A CRIMINAL".... "Innocent until proven guilty" does not exist. CALL A LAWYER NOW!

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Katrina: do the time dont let the time do you!!!!!!!!!!1
Graham: Do not eat the food, read ALOT of books, learn a few card games, and most importantly do not get inside of your own head because you are your worse enemy!!!
Gordon: Do not do the crime if you cannot do the time. good luck once you are involved in the Arapahoe "in"Justice system. It is the WORST in the state of Colorado for obtaining convictions (most convictions are obtained in a Constitutionally invalid manner).
Marcus: Just like any jail it's the people in it that can make or break your time. Sometimes there's absolutely nothing you can do, but it's ultimately up to you to make your own experience with or without the bad, because the bad is going to inevetibly happen. Whether it's guards that go out of their way to make things tougher verses being helpful, or the people in it that start fights verses trying to make friends, you have a choice, and whatever you choose to feed between negativity or positivety, that will make or break your own time.
Melissa: Put in for a transfer. Find a reason to serve your sentence in another facility. ANY other facility. The staff here is apathetic and lazy, the system is truly useless. This facility DEFINES the term "Cruel and Unusual Punishment."
Andrea: See above. Call a lawyer. Try with all your might to get your sentence transferred to ANYWHERE ELSE.

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Graham: Bent county correctional facility, Denver city and county jail, Washington county jail, Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center.
Gordon: not open for discussion.
Marcus: Denver city jail and Boulder county jail.
Melissa: Transferred to Jefferson County Jail and released.
Andrea: Processed through Jefferson County where the warrant was out of because a case can not be dismissed unless you are PHYSICALLY in front of a judge in that county.

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