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Interview with Katrina, Rachel, Graham, Gordon, Marcus, Melissa and Andrea

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Katrina: I had to go back and forth to court for a seven months before I finally got sentenced and transported to the other county to get my sentenced ran togeather.
Rachel: Aurora city jail moves you from one cell to the next they handcuff you just to take you a few steps away like your going to escape,yeah sit in a dirty cell with 10 other women waiting to see the judge.your court supposed to be at 8am dont see the judge until 11.
Graham: It takes forever to actually get to court. And when you do they usually set it for another date. If your lucky then you can get through it quickly but those people are usually the first timers and they dont stay more than maybe a week or two at the max.
Gordon: Well first of all: The process involves you to be first arraigned, then to enter a plea of your choice, then there are a pletora of motions to be filed (which may take up to six months), then comes the jury trial and then sentencing. My case took an extremely long time.
Marcus: I was booked and was so mad I remember breaking my hand and didn't get any medical attention for six days. Not until they listened in on my phone conversation and I was so mad I had said I was going to knock out a cop, and finally an officer got me some medical attention
Melissa: I don't know what pre-sentencing is. I was arrested in Arapahoe County and held in Arapahoe County Jail for 3 days.
Andrea: Was not sentenced. Intake here is a nightmare, though. Sat in a holding cell about 6 feet wide by 20 feet long with 10+ other women, not enough mats or room for everyone, for over 8 hours waiting to be processed. Filthy, with ants on the floor and 2-3 day old food and trash (dates were on the paper bags) tossed about the room. Absolutely disgusting. If a girl had to use the toilet, which is out in the open and next to the window in the door, she would trip over the others laying on the floor. I was tripped over and left bruises on my legs. They are supposed to set it up so you can use the phone for a "Free phone call" and they NEVER got my PIN working. I NEVER got a (legally required) Free phone call OR was able to make calls in the POD while awaiting release.

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Katrina: no
Rachel: Yes for domestic violence
Graham: My friend told on me. The cop walked up behind me and grabbed my shoulder. He told me I was being Charged with Burglary. He then asked if I had ever been arrested for Burglary, and i hadnt so this was the first time for me. I spent the night in the city holding cells before being moved to the county.
Gordon: No. I was accosted by the Aurora police department in an extremely violent way in front of an auto parts store at night. I then brought a section 1983 action against the Officer and the City of Aurora (which was settled via a buy out for an undisclosed amount). nothing more to say.
Marcus: I was hanging with the wrong croud and were confronting somebody at an apartment in which when he did not come out one of the people I was with pulled out a gun and when I was grabbing it from him the police happened to pull right around the corner.
Melissa: I had a warrant that I was unaware of, because I was never notified of it.
Andrea: No. I was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant (Out of JEFFERSON COUNTY so WHY was I first processed through ARAPAHOE?) which I was unaware that I had (Because they will NOT serve misdemeanor warrants actively. They'll run your name if they stop you speeding or whatever.

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Katrina: I was shackled and handcuffed I thought I was getting a better offer and once i went for sentencing they told me if i didnt take the deal the ofer was gone and id go to prison so it was not what i expected @ all.
Rachel: Court was horrible,had to go back and forth only to be sentenced to 8 days
Graham: Well they pull you out early in the morning just to take you to another cell where they pack you in there where there is no room and it gets super hot. they then chain you up and make you walk this long hallway. then when you get there you just sit till your name is called.
Gordon: After the Court sided with the Prosecution on various objections from the Defense Attorney(s)i was then sentenced 15 months later. I spent about 26 months in the jail waiting on the entire process. I am currently on Appeal. i cannot elaborate any further on this because of my ongoing Appeal.
Marcus: I remember Nick Marr, the one who pulled out the gun had a court order release and didn't even have to see the judge. (his dsd was a cop for the arapahoe county jail in the past and had sonme strings to pull. I was denied bail in fact I believe it was raised when I asked. All in all frustrating.
Melissa: I did not go to court in Arapahoe County
Andrea: I did not attend court.

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Rachel: Domestic violence assault and battery,i had a prior suspendef sentence of 8 days I pled guilty to the dv and served the days
Graham: 2nd degree burglary of a building.
Gordon: Vehicular Eluding and Resisting Arrest.
Marcus: I was charged with criminal attempt 1st burglary, public order accessory to crime, tresspassing, liquor by a minor, prohibited use of-aim of a firearm and ended up with a drunk with a gun charge.
Melissa: Criminal Mischief, less than $500. Not Convicted.
Andrea: Case was dismissed BY THE DA for lack of ANY evidence.

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