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Visitor Policy

Interview with Jared, Bree, George, Sherry and Timothy

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Jared: once a week on video
Bree: i would receive two 1 hour visits a week, 8 visits a month and thats it
George: Once a week you could receive visitors.I didn't though because i didn't have any familly here.
Sherry: twice a week. through a tv screen no face to face. and it had to be scheaduled in advance.
Timothy: Once every 2 weeks, 2 people could visit at a time. I had my mother and father come one time.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Jared: yes about a hour wait
Bree: no all they had to do is sign in and wait few minutes and they got to see me threw a tv screen for an hour
George: They would pass out visitor list sheets to inmates that wanted visitors.When the visitors came they would have to show id,and walk through a metal detector before they were allowed in.
Sherry: I am not sure I did not have any visitors come and see me while I was incarserated. It was nice to see the smiles on the girls who did get visitors.
Timothy: Yes, they wanted id, searched you, ect.. Even though for my visitation they weren't even in front of me, it was through a camera and phone.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Jared: you had to look in a little video that most of the time you could not hear
Bree: well when i had visitors, it was in the dorm where i was staying at so there is really no difference to it. people would always try to listen to your conversation and start problems with you. it was nice having people come see you so you feel like your really not there when you are.
George: The inmates that had visitors were taken out of the cells to right out front of them to the inner fence.All the visitors that came would be allowed on the other side of the fence.They were allowed a half an hour then there would be a second group of visitors about an hour later.
Sherry: Well I did have any but we did not get to leave the dorm each bunk area had a TV with a phone attached to it. a Curtin behind to keep the visitor from being able to see the rest of the dorm. So there the girls would sit and talk through a phone seeing there loved ones through a 13 inch computer screen.
Timothy: For the tents it was a desk with a divider in between, and a phone and a tv with a camera so they can see you. You have one person next to you talking to someone too so its kind of hard to hear sometimes, and not very private, but better than no visit.

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