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Interview with Jessica, Sarah, Curt, Brad, Peter and Michael

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Jessica: It wasn't really difficult. I stayed in the Trustee cell so everyone in there worked in the jail pretty much. No one instigated anything but I'm sure no one really wanted to go to lock- down, a cell all by yourself for several days to a month.
Sarah: No because I kept to myself until I felt out how everything ran and which people were the trouble makers.
Curt: no not at all.n you all know you are in there so make the most of it.
Brad: Me personally... I usually get along with everybody. Of course there are challenges. You shouldn't snithc, or show signs of weakness.
Peter: I got along well with most inmates while i was in Seminole County Jail. It was more laid back than you would expect. In D block I think everyone was more worried about taking care of their open cases than starting trouble in the cell block. Once I got to prison that would all change though. When I first got to my camp, (which was Brevard CI at the time) I got along with a few inmates but mostly spent my time fighting because I was a new cock and was given no respect at first. But as time went on the altercations became few and far between.
Michael: I was made an outside trustee quickly after entering the facility so I did not have much time to spend with other inmates that were not interest in getting out.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Jessica: I was just myself. I was polite and friendly to everyone. I immediately made a few decent friends and most of the people in the pod were pretty courteous. I didn't sit where I knew someone was sitting, I was almost overly sweet, portrayed a good attitude and would share my food (or "chow") with people. Anyone that seemed like they had an unshifting bad attitude, I just avoided.
Sarah: I didn't talk negatively about people and I kept to myself.
Curt: nothing i was ok.
Brad: Keep to yourself. Dont get into any knd of debts, don't gamble, don't take something and say "I'll pay you back" then you don't. That's going to cause problems.
Peter: Fights and problems are a part of inmate life. There is no avoiding it. But to limit the number a fights or problems you will have there are few things that you can do. Avoid gambling all together. Either someone is going to get mad that you are winning and want to fight about it. Or they will just not pay what they owe then you are faced with a decision to either let it go and risk being seen as soft and get ran over for the rest of your sentence, or you can fight about it and risk everything that comes along with that. Also minding your own business is a great way to stay out of trouble. If it doesn't concern you then ignore it. Also keeping yourself and your living space clean will avoid problems. I've seen alot of people fighting about hygeine.
Michael: Read books, call my girlfriend, sleep. Talk with other inmates that are interested in getting out instead of continually re-offending. I was trying to get myself back on track and I was doing good for someone and just wasn't thinking and made a bad choice. There are many in there that do not have any interest in changing their lives.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Jessica: I did not know any of the inmates in there but I do know for a fact that they randomly would assign you to a bunk and there was no changing that assignment once it was set.
Sarah: no
Brad: Ohh no. When I first got there I was in a dorm type room and they assign you to a bed and that's it.
Peter: I was never able to choose a bunkee at any facility.
Michael: No, there were times I would go many weeks with same bunkie but when you are a trustee many of those guys are close to going home so it can change often. I did have a few that were "requested" to be moved away from us so that we could not have problems

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