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Leisure Time

Interview with Clinton and Brooke

JM: What types of facilities were available to help pass the time?
Clinton: They had a TV in the dayroom. Other than that you could order a chess board or cards off commissary. You can sign up for church, GED classes and drug therapy classes.
Brooke: Cards...and your imagination..that is about it. There was no tv in our dorm, no movies or board games. We paced, and we played cards or tried to get a buzz off instant coffee. I remember some of the girls would do eachothers hair and sometimes..have sex with one another so..I guess they made time pass faster.

JM: Did you have regular access to the entertainment or was competition fierce? Give details.
Clinton: Every once in a great while they had a cart of books that came around.
Brooke: We did not have regular access to the entertainment. The competition was terrible. There was always too many girls who wanted to play and couldn't or the cards belonged to someone who didn't care for that inmate and disallowed them to use the cards ..some people just hated eachother and had no care for their wellbeing.

JM: Did you have a hard time staying in shape while in jail?
Clinton: If you're motivated, you can stay in shape without a problem. You usually stay in better shape because you're bored and working out is something to do.
Brooke: No, I didn't. Although gym is not allowed for the women I was able to manage quite a few sit ups and push ups while in my cell. all the time.

JM: How often did you get to go outside? What did you do outside if you were allowed to? If you were not allowed to go outside what could you do for exercise?
Clinton: Never.
Brooke: We were not allowed outside unless you were a trustee having to have been there 6 months or longer. Or to be taken to another jail or the hospital for something.

JM: Did the jail offer church services? If so, what were they like and when were they held?
Clinton: Weekly. You have to sign up for them.
Brooke: Yes. They offered church. It was once a week held in a small room with metal chairs. It was weird. No one in that group was truly going to change..and it was christan

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