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Good Behavior

Interview with Lily, padilla and Dawn

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
Lily: it really didn't matter
padilla: Yes
Dawn: yes I was able to get out early due to good behavior.

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
Lily: there is no such thing
padilla: Do not know
Dawn: it used to be for every week you are good you receive 1 day off of your sentence. If you are also a trustee you get more days off on top of your good behavior days.

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
Lily: fights and answering back to deputy
padilla: Bad b
Dawn: I have witnessed a person losing their good days due to bad behavior. This individual was caught talking to some guys while working on trustee doing laundry. If you follow the jail rules you won't lose anything.

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