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Jail Layout

Interview with Frank and Adam

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Frank: There was four blocks or pods downstairs and a dorm upstairs.
Adam: 8 different what they call pods

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Frank: The names of the pods were A, B, C and D.
Adam: lower pod 1 lower pod 2 lower pod 3 (sex offender pod) 4 &5 then girls dorm 1 and 3 guy dorms

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Frank: There was a variety of different inmates. People could be in for child support non-payment, drug use, possession and distribution, murderers, pedophiles, rapists, drunk drivers, burglars, and people who committed assault.
Adam: lower pod 5 id the girl holding pod.lower pod 1 &2 are for more violent men.lower pod 3 is sexual offender.4&5 is men holding.upstairs dorms for men is for long stay non threatning males and the females all share a dorm

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Frank: Some of the blocks, I would witness inmates having to give up their food to avoid fights so watching others be treated that way made me feel bad for them. The blocks would echo and that would drive me crazy. The nicest parts of being in jail was the spiritual connection I made with my higher power.
Adam: holding cells were absolutely horribly disqusistin the mens upstairs dorm was really nice the upstairs female dorm wasn't bad.the worst thing about Jefferson county jail is that staph infections go untreated and medical care is not an option.they treat you very disrespectfully.some of them even turn your call box off.

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