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Monroe County Jail

130 Plymouth Ave S
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 753-4138

Interview with Sarah, Sam, Corey, Emma and Jeff

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Sarah: 1 and a half years to 3 years
Sam: 1 year and six months
Corey: Sentenced to 3 years for somthing i had no control over.
Emma: My sentencing was for two month, running concurrent with probation, and ending with probation continuing when I got out of jail.
Jeff: I was sentenced to 6 months

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Sarah: yes, stinky
Sam: Just the first two weeks until I could bail out.
Corey: Yes i did,. Dirty, unclean smelly, damp. the blankets they gave me were infested with lice. I had to shave my privates to get them off. Theres nothing remotly safe or clean in that facility.
Emma: I did spend time in a holding cell after I was sentenced to go to jail. They brought me back behind the judge, into a small room with another female. The walls all had writing on them, which I found strange since they pat us down before they allow us to go in. It was painted off white, had a built in cement bench that could fit three average sized people, and a drain in the middle of the room. It smelled like fresh metal and mold, and the corners of the room had dirt and dust build up.
Jeff: yes after court I went back to the holding cell. what as it like. it was nasty. there is 1 toilet that is out in the open and it stunk like poop bad

Life On the Inside
Once an inmate is assigned a living space at the Monroe County Jail they really only have to worry about that space in terms of keeping it clean and orderly. The rest of the jail will take care of itself. At Monroe County there are 20 floors with 52 cells on each floor. Those floors are divided into four cellblocks per floor designated by floor number and compass point such as 2 North etc. If you are sending mail to an inmate at Monroe County you'll need to know the cell address.

For inmates to make it through the day, they can watch TV, play basketball or workout on a pull up bar. Naturally, those items aren't always available for every inmate all the time. That's why personal time like reading books or writing letters might be a better use of the time.

A former inmate who served time at Monroe County Jail found it to be a very volatile situation while another inmate didn't seem to have any problems. It might all come down to a matter of attitude and they type of inmate you choose to interact with.

For food reviews that same former inmate said that the worst was the rice with beans but the Sunday chicken could be "stomached."

Good Behavior Policy
Inmates at Monroe County Jail can have a maximum of 1/3 of their sentence reduced if they avoid getting into trouble with other inmates or the guards. They also have to make sure they follow the rules about contraband which basically means not getting caught with anything they shouldn't have. Although you might think it's hard to get something illegal into a jail, it's probably very easy.

Visit and Telephone Policy
There is a bank of ten phones on each floor for the inmates to make outgoing collect calls. They can also buy prepaid calling cards available through the commissary. For around $25 you can expect to make at least three calls.

For visits, inmates are granted two sessions each week for one hour a piece. It has been reported that sometimes the check-in process for the visitors can actually be double the time of the actually visit. This makes visiting your loved one in jail a time consuming endeavor. However, it might just be worth it because the visiting area itself allows you to hug the inmate!

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