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Closing Advice

Interview with Brian, Marty, Linda, Charlie, Mary, Myron and Cheeky

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Brian: You are not allowed to give inmates clothes that they can wear on the Pod. If they don't have Tenner Shoes, your back will hurt you really bad from walking on the floors etc. You can not give them tenner shoes if you go to Court and have to go to jail and don't have tenner shoes on you are pretty well hurting. I would recommend going to court in jeans and wearing tenner shoes in case you have to go to jail. Wear a Sweatshirt so you can use it to sleep on while laying down in the cells.
Marty: Visit them as much as you can, advise them to make a visitation list.
Linda: make sure they have money on there books it helps alot...try and make sure you put at least 100 the first time so they can buy shampoo toothpaste toothbrush walkman etc.
Charlie: they would be in good hands with the professionals working at acj
Mary: if they have afamily member going to jail I would tell they to be clode to them. Support them and listen to what they had to say. Not having someone in jail is hard
Myron: Support them financially to ensure they get quality products as the jail barely provides what's required by law. Prayer is always a good help too. Encourage the loved one to seek any help offered through chaplain's office programs or the jail itself. Don't waste life away that's what got most people to that horrible place.

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Brian: Have someone in your family or have a friend put money on your books so that you can get commissary each week. Have a calling Card to call someone from the Main Intake booths if you get arrested. You are allowed to call from that with your calling card. After you go up stairs your Wallet etc is locked up. You can make collect calls with a calling card. After that you have to call collect from the phones on the Pod. Be sure your friend or relative can except collect calls. When you get questioned by the Intake Nurse after the Guards search you etc, tell the Nurse that you have Drug and Alcohol issues so that you can be put on pod 2c or the 5th floor. 2 C is the best Pod to go to, better then the 5th floor. There is no fights there and you get alot of commissary and you are out of your cell mostly alot of the time.
Cheeky: dont go to allegeny worst jail ever they dirty food sucks and some of the cos are ignorant and can get away with things DONT GO THERE
Marty: Yea, once you get out. STAY OUTTA TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda: don't go to jail if you do keep to yourself while in processing and watch who you talk to..also be as nice as you can to the co's they dont put up with bullshit
Charlie: don't be an a-h, and have some consideration for others
Mary: if they know they were gonna spend time in this jail I would tell them to spend it an prison. Allegheny county jail is the hardest jail to spend time in
Myron: Take care of your affairs, and own the mistakes made. We are bad people, just made one bad decision. Continue to be yourself and improve on self as you have the time to do so. Stay with what you feel is positive people not those that don't give a fuck and love coming to jail.

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Charlie: old acj 1991-92
Mary: renewal
Myron: Habersham county Georgia jail, living sober rehab in Pittsburgh , harbor light rehab in Pittsburgh, cove forge in Williamsburg, pa, alpha house behavior modification program in Pittsburgh, & the center for Spirituality in Pittsburgh

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