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Interview with Brian, Cheeky, Marty, Linda, Mary, Myron and Charlie

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Brian: There was a Pre-sentencing Investigation done by a Pre-Sentence Officer from the Courts downtown. He came to my house and talked to my Father etc. He had asked questions with my Dad on me and what was going on with me in my life as far as work and what happened as far as the incident concerning my ex-girlfriend.
Cheeky: It took a day in a half just to be processed no water or food went to 8 different holding cells
Marty: You wait in a holding cell when you first get to jail and they ask you the basics, (like name, and medical history)
Linda: You have to wait in small cell with several women for hours and hours
Mary: I got arrested,went to holding cell,then got pic taken along with finger prints.i then was sent over to holding cell for arraignment court. They took info about bond. I seen arraignment jdge. Got held for court and sat until my hearing which I got 1 year 9 month and 10 days.
Myron: After 24 hours crammed into one of 3 bull pens with about 40 guys in each- overcrowded to say the least! Just shy of a 6 month wait in deplorable conditions just to go to a recovery program to get the help I know I needed. Either be bored with nonmalignant wreck in general pop minimum security or work in the kitchen 7 days a week for no pay and grueling work conditions I am grateful I healed from.

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Brian: No, they did not stop by my house. I had spoken to the police when I was charged etc in Brentwood, PA and when they had filed a police report etc.
Marty: No police came to my house the day I was arrested (6/15/10)
Linda: no
Charlie: traffic violation
Mary: I had a bench warrant. I was in south carolina and mysister told me that the police was looking forr me so I waited till after the holidays and came back to allegheny county. I called the police to pick me up. They picked me up and took me to jail.
Myron: I was on the ru from 2 warrants, and after a relapse on alcohol was found passed out on a sidewalk a block and half away from where I was living at the time. Cops wanted to give me arise home! I was in a black out state medical attention and bounced between one police station then jail being barely coherent the entire time.

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Brian: I had to go to a Non-Jury Trial in front ???? of Judge Jeffery Manning. My Attorney was there along with the people from the Court prosecutors etc and my Ex-Girlfriend and her family who were there who was in another room, until it was time to go in the actual court room. I had to sit next to the court reporter at the Stand while the evidence was presented to the Judge and while tapes were played of messages that I left on my ex-girlfriend's cell phone. There was a court reporter there that was typing while I was saying what I said to my Attorney and the District Attorney.
Marty: Video arraignment. What that means is that you sit in a room in front of a TV with a camera on the TV and a microphone in front of you. Then the video judge either gives you a monetary bond or you MAY be released on a non-monetary bond (you pay nothing and are out within a matter of hours)
Linda: Saw judge on tv screen
Charlie: vidio hearing's are a great thing, saving time, resources, and tax payer money
Mary: I was scared cause I was already on probation. I had 2 years probation.i went in front of violating judge and he started my sentence all over again. I was scared but afyer spending this time in jail I said to myself that I would never put myself in that position
Myron: A very confusing process as my public defender didn't help much. I felt intimidated because the process was new to me and waiting the full limit to go to trial for cases I was ready to plea to. My lawyer didn't do much besides play by the book while I stood there frozen. Just wanting this nightmare to be over & my life to move on!

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Mary: burglary access device fraud theft and prostitution
Myron: Simple assault, harassment, public drunk in one case- simple assault stuck rest dropped. Other case a one count forgery several theft by taking, several access device fraud- forgery and half plus one of the other 2 charges dropped.

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