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Visitor Policy

Interview with Brian, Marty, Linda, Charlie, Mary and Myron

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Brian: You could receive visitors when there was visiting hours. You had to have someone on your visiting list for them to be able to visit during visiting hour.
Marty: 3 days a week
Linda: 2-3 a week
Charlie: set visiting hours
Mary: we were allowed visitors 2 times a week. I got my visits regilary. Thank u
Myron: Twice a week on normal pods, up to 4 on worker pods plus a monthly contact visit.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Brian: They had to go through scanning by the security at the Jail and had to wait with others to go up to the floors that the inmates were on. I believe it was lengthy at times.
Marty: Never got a visitor
Linda: not really
Charlie: had no visiters
Mary: I don't know how the process went. I never asked they how it was I just seen the badge on then. You had to check in half hour early
Myron: I never had visitors myself. Heard the search process is nothing short of being stripped like an inmate does practically, like airport security arrive an hour early at least so you don't miss tour visit. Even then escort officers may delay you visit getting to your pod on time as well for some typically lazy reason or another.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Brian: If you had contact visits on the First floor they you could visit someone face to face. Otherwise they would talk to you between a glass partition over a phone while they were on a phone and you were on a phone. The visitors had to go in a big room to visit you etc.
Marty: N/A
Linda: go into a little room where they are on the other side seeing you threw a glass window
Mary: the visiting environmet was in a floor on the top tier of our pod. We had to see them through glass. We weren't allowed to touch them or anything. My boyfriend said the chairs were made to be unconfortable so you didn't come back. He aint lying aboit that at all
Myron: The pods were all 2 tiers tall. Cells on both however in the front above the Sally port access, the visiting area. 10 windows all face to face using a phone to verbally communicate some pods did distance the windows more for some reason although contact was not to be an issue granted the security measures. Also many of the phones no longer worked limiting the number of visits at one time.

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