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Interview with Burt, Daniel, David and Donald

JM: Did you have regular access to telephones?
Burt: just on unrack times
Daniel: Yes, except for count times and shift change.
David: Towards the end of my sentence yes but at the beginning we didn't get any phones. The only way you could make a call was if it was an emergency and then you had to put in a special request.
Donald: There was a telephone yes available.

JM: What types of charges applied for calling people? How much money would you guess the average inmate spends per week on phone calls?
Burt: 50 cents a minute on calling cards an 10 $ for 20 minutes applied to house fone bills if accepted thru account setup
Daniel: I think it was like $5 a call for 20 minutes. Or you could have whoever apply money towards their phone account for that phone company(Evercom) and it was like half-price.
David: You could make a collect call. The other party has to accept the charges for the call to go through. Probably about 5 bucks.
Donald: They were collect charges I believe. Or you had to have a calling card bought from commissary.

JM: Did you need to buy phone cards to call out?
Burt: you can if no1 sets up an account
Daniel: You could, but it was more expensive than the normal $5 cause they could call people who couldn't receive collect calls.
David: Only towards the end of my sentence when I could get on the phone.
Donald: yes you had to buy phone cards.

JM: Did the jail screen your calls?
Burt: yes, and would disconnect your calls if 3way was to b made
Daniel: I believe so, not sure.
David: Yes they do. They tell you that up front even put in writing.
Donald: I don't believe they screened calls.

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