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Kitsap County Jail

614 Division St.
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Phone: (360) 337-7101

Interview with Eric, Bonnie, Jerome, Big Kim and Josh

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Eric: Was not sentenced I was released,But the day before I was to return to court(29 days later). I was accused of violating my restraining order that was involuntarily placed in my wifes behalf.I was then arrested a second time taken back to jail where I spent yet another night in good old Kidnap County Jail. I talked to another judge the next day via internet camera. He told me that it was in his opinion that I was innocent of all charges(Maybe due to the fact that I had not been arrested in 16yrs)I was 32yo at the time of my illegal incarseration. Iwas then once again released and asked if I could return that day to attend the court date that I was suppose to be at instead of sitting in jail. After the Prosecuting Attorney delt with all the incustodies I was then allowed my chance in court. But before I had my opportunity the Prosicuter asked the judge that all charges against me be dropped.Because after all why would a man that had not given Law Inforcement any reason in 16years take him to jail let alone issue him any form of violation start his criminal career as an adult with Domestic Violence Assault.
Bonnie: 5 yrs in prison with all but thirty days to deferred. If I did 30 days incarcerated, then obtained a job, attended counseling, cleaned up and had no alcohol, etc, 400 hrs community service, $2,500 paid to the Crime Victims fund, and after I did that, and two years probation was over, they would review everything and remove the felony from my files.
Jerome: 36 MONTHS
Big Kim: anywhere from credit for time served to 60 days..
Josh: 6 months

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Eric: Nope I was returned to my cell in the block house and released within the hour!
Bonnie: Yes, they placed me in a room with padded walls, floor, and ceiling and a drain hole in the center of the floor. No chairs, nothing. No toilet either.
Big Kim: Yes, no problem, curl up and go to sleep while they decide what to do with you...
Josh: no. after i was sentenced, i was brought back to the tank and told to get my stuff to get moved downstairs

Life On The Inside
It was back in 1857 when Kitsap County became an official part of Washington State. Back then it was referred to as Slaughter County but that wasn't attracting many new residents. The first jailed built in Kitsap was in 1872 and cost a whopping $658. The only way into the jail was through a heavy trapdoor. Now the Kitsap County Jail is located at a decidedly more modern facility with a total capacity of 510.

Upon arrival each inmate is given a handbook laying out all the jail rules and regulations. The very fact that they are given this handbook means they are supposed to read it and follow the rules. Among the highlights of the "Do" list are: "obey lock down orders immediately, address the staff with respect, maintain a clean living space, shower at least three times a week and tuck your T-shirt into your pants when you're out of the unit." Easy enough to follow.

Among the common complaints of former inmates were the lousy food and the cold temperatures. Inmates could buy snacks from the commissary if they had money on their accounts. As for the cold, that really just means bundling up.

Good Behavior Policy
The good behavior policy in Kitsap County is one day off for every three served. Earning that good behavior time goes back to the handbook. Follow those rules and you'll do just fine. There might be some instances where trouble could be unavoidable. If you see it brewing, walk away.

Visitation and Telephone Policy
For visits at the Kitsap County Jail you must first make an appointment. Without an appointment, you won't be allowed in. You must also present a valid picture ID and arrive at least a half hour before your scheduled appointment in order to get checked in. You're not allowed to bring in any food, drinks or cell phones. Inmates are allowed one visit per week.

For phone calls, inmates are provided access to phones to make outgoing collect calls only. These calls can only be fifteen minutes. One thing they keep an eye out for is three way calls. That is frowned upon and those calls are shut off right away.

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