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Jail Layout

Interview with Collin, Robbie, Michelle and Lorrie

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Collin: They were moving folks to the new jail and I was in the old jail. It was dirty, filthy, with wires hanging out of walls. The TV was broken. As for the layout, there were cells upstairs and downstairs. Maybe around 40 people in there.
Robbie: there were at least 8 per floor and three floors that i know of.
Michelle: There were only 3 blocks in the county/city jail.
Lorrie: on the women side it was 3 blocks

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Collin: They called them Pods and gave them alphabet letters. I was in Pod C.
Robbie: they were listed in alphabetical order. so abcdefg and so on and so forth.
Michelle: Yes, It was I unit, J unit, and K unit.
Lorrie: dorm I dorm J and then you had the honor dorm which was K

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Collin: Yeah. The violent offenders were on different floors. They also had a sick floor. I think I was on the second floor.
Robbie: I think they mixed each other with everybody else. I'm not sure if they had different blocks for different criminals. if they did i didnt know about it. I think they just mixed everbody together.
Michelle: Mostly the wild and young inmates were in I unit. The older laid back inmates were in J unit or if you have been there before or known in the jail. And, the honor dorm was K unit, for work release, road crew, and kitchen workers.
Lorrie: it was a mixture but K was the honor dorm which were your best behaved and non violent crimnals but in the other 2 dorms you had all kinds of inmates

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Collin: They took care of the medicine I needed because I'm a diabetic. And the food wasn't that bad. I wasn't expecting steak and eggs but it kept me fed. What I didn't like is that you could get double meals if you worked on certain clean up crews but they let the gangs do that which meant you didn't stand a chance.
Robbie: I remember them all being the same. all of them were over crowded and dirty with no organization. Everybody was loud and obnoxious and wanted to be out so it was all chaos. even at night it was hard to sleep becuase they left the lights on the entire time.
Michelle: The nicest were that J unit was pretty much quite and people would actually sleep in there and the worst was I unit because everyone in there was young and still immature and would stay up all night and yell and sing loud. Just to try to be loud so the others couldn't sleep.
Lorrie: the fights and the way a few folks could jst run a dorm. The honor dorm was ok cause you had to be nice and get along with everyone in order to be in there you got to have sugar for your coffee and little things like that that you take for granted in the free world

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