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Visitor Policy

Interview with Collin, Robbie, Michelle and Lorrie

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Collin: I think you could get them once or twice a week. I told my wife when I'm getting out just be there. If you did get a visitor, they had to be family. They couldn't be somebody with a record or on parole. You had to put down on the list who you wanted to visit.
Robbie: once a week depending on what cellblock you are in depends on what day you get them.
Michelle: You can receive visitors once a week but it"s very strict rules to get to visit an inmate.
Lorrie: after you had been there 30 days and only on Sunday and only for 10 mins and they had to fill out the paper work in advance and everything had to be verified befor the visit

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Collin: I'm not sure about that one because like I said I didn't get a visitor while I was there.
Robbie: I'm not sure i never had anybody come to see me while i was incarcerated so i wouldnt know anything about it. I wish i did though.
Michelle: Yes, they would have to schedule an appointment and if they were dressed wrong or didn't have their visitation number when they got there or proper ID, they were turned around and couldn't come.
Lorrie: yes you had to have the right form of ID and it was up to the officer if they wanted to let you have the visit

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Collin: I believe it was phone to phone between the glass wall.
Robbie: Its a block of windows and a payphone type phone handle through glass. I hear they recently changed it to where you talk through a video conference type system and you dont even really get to see your visitor so its alot more difficult to get privacy while talking to your visitor.
Michelle: It was like a bunch of phone booths lined up against the wall and you had to talk on a phone to each other while handcuffed and they took probably 10 - 12 inmates to visit at at time for 15 minutes. The visits didn't last long enough and if certain guards worked your family could get a second visit.
Lorrie: table and chairs pretty plain and you had to sit far across from each other the officer would be right there beside you listening to your whole conversation and if you said the wrong thing or touched they would end the visit and your other visit would be canceled anytime

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