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Interview with Jeffery, Serena and Gary

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
Jeffery: If necessary, im sure. I had a back problem and the nurse signed off a slip allowing me a second padded mattress to sleep on.
Serena: i am bipolar so i take medications and i did have access.
Gary: They do med-call in the AM (5am) and PM (6pm).

JM: How did you get your medications?
Jeffery: If you needed meds you would have to fly a request form to the guards who place it in the appropriate hands to evaluate.
Serena: medications were distributed by a medical nurse who visited at certain hours of the day. the nurse was very nice.
Gary: I didn't take them.

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
Jeffery: More than a few guys got busted with tobacco and either got solitary or their good behavior credits taken away.
Serena: i never witnessed any abuse of drugs and i do not know what punishments would be meted out for being caught with them.

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