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Interview with Ryan, Angel, Dale and Peter

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Ryan: Yeah. I had dreads before I went in. They told me my hair had to go away or I would go into the box. I was told I was their property. They put me in the box for 3 days for not wanting to cut my hair. On the third day I went crazy in there. It was a small box and you have to stay in there 23 hours/ day.
Angel: Yes most inmates were loud and aggressive I stayed to myself most of the time
Dale: Some, alot of young guys were trying to steal peoples Commissary, and just alot of Drama. Most were alright but of course your not in the best place for people or Social activities.
Peter: I did find it difficult to get along with inmates, more this arrest than my previous one, because I feel I have outgrown the behavior that led me there this time.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Ryan: Just stay to yourself. I had two homeboys that were also doing time. Stay with your homeboys. I would hang with them and play checkers with them. I went back to the unit with my hair cut so people didn't recognize with me. Don't try to make friends in there. No eye contact.
Angel: Stay to myself avoid arguments
Dale: Nothing really, stay to yourself. Make sure you got good room mates and there is a mutual agreement. Other then that I never ran into no real problems. But just your basic stuff. Stay to yourself. Don't involve yourself with Bad Company. Keep your stuff put a way. That's about it.
Peter: You have to do a lot to avoid fights. You have a lot of volatile personalities in one small area. all of whom are going through a difficult time, so they take it out on each other. You have to keep to yourself a lot and stay in your cell.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Ryan: No I didn't get to choose who I shared a cell with. I was assigned to cell 7. My cell mate became a good friend over the 15 days I was there. I respected the cell because it was his cell first.
Angel: No we were assigned cell mates
Dale: No, when people come in and out. Classification changes it. General Population was 6 man cells. Working Pods are 2, unless your in the Annex they are 3 man cells.
Peter: No, you are not able to choose a cellmate. Actually if you did ask to do that, I believe, they would go out of their way to prevent it. In seven month I had multiple cellmates.

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