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Closing Advice

Interview with Joey, Bob, Anne, Beth, Gary, Cheev, JJ, Denise, Brett, Andrew and Bethany

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Joey: Be prepared to be dragged through the jail system.
Bob: Stay cool, exercise, read whatever books you can get your hands on; and just look forward to the next meal until you can get out. Just looking forward to the next meal seems to make time go better than waiting for days/weeks/months to be over.
Anne: Yes, please let them know that jail is a horrible place and please learn from their mistake and never go to jail again.
Beth: visit them as often as you can to show that you are there for them.
Gary: If bail is possible, do it as soon as possible. Jail life gets easier but it is in no way fun. Its demoralizing, dangerous and unhealthy.
Beth: help thm please its inhumane!!
Cheev: stay in contact with your people because those police are beatin people up & are just not right
JJ: don't be from out of state
Denise: Write often. Take their phone calls as much as possible, those are the most precious moments. Visit as much as you possibly can. Send as much money as you can afford, or they will starve. If they have trouble getting medical attention call & RAISE HELL as often as possible until they are seen.
Brett: Let them know that they should be prepared to sit for a while, and to have some money, because jail cost money, and its hard to fight your case out of jail.
Andrew: dont make too many friends when peole get confortable with ypu they feel like they can get away with doing stupid shit and playing around too much which can be a problem
Bethany: just go in there stay too yourself do what the workers tell u too do stay away from fights and get sum sleep and rest pick up a book and read..

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Joey: No place like home. Stay away from jail
Bob: Don't break the law.
Anne: Stay out of jail.
Beth: just keep hope alive
Gary: Keep your head down, stay safe and good luck.
Cheev: sue 4 any wrong doing by the dekalb jail dont let them get away with nothin
JJ: take god in with you because it's hell in dekalb jail
Denise: Stay out of drama. Don't bother arguing over TV. Do not give any commissary away, or the vultures will descend. Trust no one. Don't drink the kool-aid. Don't trust the officers, they are often worse than the inmates.
Brett: My advice to them is to put some money on your books, and on your phone. Also, be prepared to sit for a while, because their court system is backed-up.
Andrew: stay to your self no get too friendly and moxt of everything if dont know god take that time to get close to him because the lord has the last say so not the judge!!!!!!
Bethany: too keep there head up u want be in jail for ever stay away from fight pick up a book and read, get your ged go too church .... love you and see u soon.

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Cheev: none
JJ: dade county jail 12 years ago
Denise: Fulton County Jail, Gwinnett County Jail, Dekalb Crisis Center for bipolar disorder.
Brett: Gwinnett County Jail...Georgia Fayette County Jail...Georgia
Andrew: fulton county jail in atlanta ga and gwinnett county in lawerencville ga
Bethany: dekalb county jail. cobb county jail. fulton county jail huntsville city jail

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