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Jail Layout

Interview with Joey, Bob, Anne, Beth, Gary, Cheev, JJ, Denise, Brett, Andrew and Bethany

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Joey: 7 blocks to a floor
Bob: 5 per section of the floor, 2-3 sections per floor
Anne: Six.
Beth: im not sure there were alot though.
Gary: id say around 35. 9 story building with 5 pods each. But not every floor had pods in them.
Cheev: dont know
JJ: four blocks to a floor,12 rooms to hold 24 inmates.
Denise: Seven floors, six blocks on each floor
Brett: The place sits up high, like a skyscraper. It has like, 8 stories on it, or more.
Andrew: there where 8 floors 4 sec,each floor
Bethany: there where 8 blocks different people

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Joey: The blocks were named for numbers. Example 500 Block
Bob: No, just numbers; for instance,5-SW-505 would be 5th floor, southwest section, cell number 505
Anne: C Block 1 thru 6.
Beth: yes, but i dont remember.
Gary: Nope, just Pods 1-5.
Cheev: dont know
JJ: unkown
Denise: You were in, for, example, 4th floor, south east side, and then 100 pod,and then a specific room.
Brett: They had names, but the names were based off the floor. For example, I was on the 6th floor, so you had 6west, or 6south...etc.
Andrew: the floors were one through seven and they where section a - d
Bethany: block cell numbers really no name for it so thats all they had

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Joey: Depending on the nature of the crime or safety concerns for the inmate determines what block you may stay in.
Bob: The most serious offenders went to the 8th floor I believe, 7th floor were somewhat violent offenders, 5th floor all misdemeanors, 4th floor medical, to name some.
Anne: I don't know.
Beth: the real criminals were on the highest level.
Gary: they kept the Alternative Lifestyle inmates in their own pod. I could see through the windows that the other ones were completely full.
Cheev: dont know
JJ: unknown
Denise: The seventh floor was called the Murder floor. All inmates were in red jumpsuits as opposed to the regular orange, there was a trustee pod on every floor & a drug program on each floor that had a special pod.
Brett: The 3rd floor was the medical floor, and I think the 4th was for people with misdemeanors, but the 5th and 6th floor were for felony charges. the 7th floor was for high-risk. Like murder, statutory rape, etc.
Andrew: all of the bad inmates that were there for very serious crimes or probably looking at alot of crime where at the very top and as it going down charges are less serious
Bethany: different chages last night people who like too fight thats how they know what block too put u in really all on your charge u got thats all.... not kool

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Joey: Nice thing about the blocks: They remained clean during my stay Worst thing about the blocks: The officers attitude
Bob: I went to 7th floor and 5th floor; the 5th floor was almost worse, perhaps b/c they were all misdemeanors, some were straight off the street, knew they were getting out soon and were pretty wild. On the seemingly more violent 7th floor, some were in b/c of violence, and knew how much trouble that had gotten them in, and many were either going to prison or had been there a long time- a more serious, somber tone seemed to preside. More depression, sadness, etc.
Anne: Their is nothing nice about being in jail and worst part is being there.
Beth: i was in a nice block.
Gary: The nicest parts of the pods we that the temperature was fairly constant. The worst parts were the beds, the tables, the stools, the toilets, the echos from the concrete building material, the creaming, the fights, and the heartlessness of the C.O.'s.
Cheev: nothings nice
JJ: the nices thing was the shower and tv,the worst was metal furnature beds lazyboy recliners made of metal that are stationary
Denise: There was nothing nice about that place. The officers were barbaric as the inmates. It was hard to get medical attention, I watched someone die of a heart attack right in front of me while it took medical thirty minutes to get there. The food was worse than you can possibly imagine. Hell on earth & very dirty.
Brett: First, there was nothing nice about the facility. I can't recall one pleasant thing or experience. The worst things were the food, the cleanliness of the facility at a whole, the commissary prices, the visitation, the prices of the phone calls, and the disrespect and disregard that the officers had for inmates in the facility. I saw roaches, and mice in the facility.
Andrew: all of the wholer jail is the worst part to me, if you get locked up there ou risk a chance that you will be forgot about in there and dont need medical atten. in there or you prob have to be dying to be seen by a doctor, truth
Bethany: nothin nice at all about jail, worst block was the jail all of it was bad from the time i got booked fromthe time they took me up too dress out from the time i went home it all was a mess so i didnt like nothin about it ...

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