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Interview with Beth, Gary, Cheev, JJ, Denise, Brett, Andrew and Bethany

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
Beth: wasnt there long.
Gary: I didn't require it.
Beth: no
Cheev: yes
JJ: yes
Denise: No. The medical staff there was AWFUL.
Brett: If you didn't have medical conditions, you would have to buy medications off commissary.
Andrew: yes they are very good on meds
Bethany: no they come too u

JM: How did you get your medications?
Beth: wasnt there long
Gary: The nurse came around between meals to hand out meeds.
Beth: denied medication
Cheev: med cart
JJ: n/a
Denise: The nurse came around several times a day with a plastic cart full of medicine. The officer would announce "pill call" over the loud speaker, and the inmates would RUN to avoid the long lines, especially those who got psych drugs to make them sleep.
Brett: For prescription meds, they would have a "pill call" line, where the nurse would cone serve your meds through a slot.
Andrew: a nurse comes to your section 2 times a day and serves you there a flap and a window wall
Bethany: they come around too each block.. the RN and call your name if u take meds,pills then u got too the window she check your name then give u your pills

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
Beth: not sure
Gary: I don't know.
Cheev: dont know
JJ: no
Denise: You could be charged if you got caught hiding your meds, and they did shake downs for contraband weel kly, but you always knew they were coming in time to hide what you had. Cocaine was common, because it was easy to smuggle in & had no smell, but smoke a joint in the shower, and the whole pod is on lockdown.
Brett: Abuse of drugs infractions usually were met with solitary confinement, loss of good time, or even another charge. Depending on the severity. Yes, I have witnessed this.
Andrew: no no one never had did this around me thankfully i didn't you could buy u had to have this around me at all
Bethany: u will get more charges on ive seen it happen before or u get locked down for a week... or longer

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