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Interview with Joey, Bob, Anne, Beth, Gary, Cheev, JJ, Denise, Brett, Andrew and Bethany

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Joey: No
Bob: Obviously, wherever you spend time in jail, there are some people you would never choose to be around 'outside', but overall it wasn't so bad; lot of people there just like me- not such bad people, just made mistake(s).
Anne: Yes because I had never been confined with inmates before.
Beth: No problem at all. i was blessed i tell you. the other inmates really truly looked after me i was the youngest inmate in that particular area. So they would treat as if i was a younger sister.
Gary: No. I was in the Alternative Lifestyle pod so it was mainly elderly and gays. They were alright but there were a few who "ran the show". They were pains because they wouldn't think before starting an argument to express dominance.
Beth: No- stayed to myself- focused on getting out
Cheev: no cause we were all black men
JJ: no inmates were no problem and stated that this was how it was in dekalb county that they were use to it.
Denise: Yes. There were definitely racial issues and being a 19 year old red haired white girl from the suburbs, a lot of people tested me. I did a lot of fighting when I was not in my cell reading or writing & refusing to eat the disgusting food.
Brett: It was not difficult getting along with other inmates. Everyone in there was tired, and they were just ready to get the court process over with. The process itself was just long and tiring.
Andrew: no i pretty much stayed to myself, i believe if you don't in there looking for trouble and then you wouldn't find trouble, most people have problems when they try to prove things
Bethany: well i really didnt get alone with others i stayed too myself readin and workin out sometimes talk too myself . the females where mean and ready too fight....... all the time

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Joey: Stay to myself.
Bob: Not act scared, don't be so reclusive; but on the other hand don't act like too much of a badass, just not scared.
Anne: I had to share food if someone got up from their seat while watching TV and I sat in it I had to give it back when they got ready to sit in it again.
Beth: i just minded my own business, i didnt eat so i would give my food to my cell mate.
Gary: I kept to myself mostly. Me and my boyfriend did our best to make friends with the non-violent people and we established a circle of friends to stay safe.
Beth: stay in my cell
Cheev: just stay to myself
JJ: nothing
Denise: After I knocked out four of my roommate's gold teeth, everyone pretty much got warned not to mess with the crazy little white girl. I generally stayed in my room most of the time, reading what little reading material i could get my hands on, and writing letters home. Letters from home were everything, even though I always cried reading them over & over.
Brett: I didn't necessarily have to do anything to avoid situations. I mainly minded my own business and did not get involved with other things that other inmates were doing. If I would have had some sort of altercation, I feel that I could handle myself accordingly. There were dangers inside the facility, but they did not directly apply to me.
Andrew: i stayed to myself and prayed mostly i believe thats what mostly kept me away from all the drama, there were plenty problems going on in there but i stayed out of it and just kept to my self, didnt really get to friendly with too many people and it worked
Bethany: stay too myself dont come out my sell, read a book sometimes look at tv , i was sleepin alot that took my mind off alot of shit i need that. just mind my buss thats all i can do and did a good job at it... thats was cool

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Joey: No
Bob: They were cracking down on inmates picking their own cells; for a long time this had been the practice.
Anne: No I did not know anybody that was in there.
Beth: i dont understand the question.
Gary: No. It was first-come, first-serve. If I wanted to switch with someone, I'd have to pursued them and then make sure that they would be compatible with my current roommate.
Beth: of course not
Cheev: no
JJ: no i could not choose a cellmate it was a revolving door people coming and going what a bussiness at the expense of hard working men and women.
Denise: No. Cellmates changed pretty frequently, most of them came in withdrawing from crack cocaine & smelled terrible. I got in physical fights with two of them, knocking one's teeth out because I caught her stealing from me while she thought I was sleeping.
Brett: You did not have the choice as to who could be you cellmate. The facility was too crowded for that. Buy my cellmates changed about once every 2-3 weeks while I was there.
Andrew: not at all they make that decision it is not optional, they decide who you are in the cell with they mixx races and it will be very cold or very hot
Bethany: no u cant choose who u want too be your roomate they pick there for u when they take you too the floor they change roomates every week and so on

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