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Visitor Policy

Interview with Joey, Bob, Anne, Beth, Gary, Cheev, JJ, Denise, Brett, Andrew and Bethany

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Joey: on scheduled days according to your last name
Bob: 3 or 4 times a week, decided alphabetically- 1/2 inmate names certain days, the other name the other days.
Anne: Three times a week.
Beth: none i wasnt there for a long time
Gary: Week days. Each person could only visit twice a week, for 30 minutes. an hour for out of state visitors.
Cheev: i couldnt receive visitors because i wasnt in the system to b found
JJ: unknown
Denise: Twice a week. Wednesday & Saturday were my visiting days. There were morning & afternoon hours.
Brett: You could receive visits about 3 days a week. But the waiting list was so backed up, it was practically futile to go through it.
Andrew: in this jail a inmate has only 1 day to have visits with 2 times a day
Bethany: visitors once a week out of town family can come anytime so that was ok

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Joey: No
Bob: The check-in was kind of lengthy from what I heard, but sometimes there was a long wait before the prisoner was sent to meet with visitors.
Anne: Sometimes.
Beth: i was only there for a day and a half
Gary: Yes. It was first come first serve. and the process was managed by one small room for the entire jail.
JJ: n/a
Denise: Sign-in, show I.D., and wait to be called upstairs. Sometimes my visitors had been waiting thirty minutes in the visiting area before I was called out of my pod.
Brett: the check-in process was very lengthy. It took my visitors almost 2 hours just to get upstairs to come see me for about 25 minutes.
Andrew: im not sure but i think they were very through and went through any object they came in went and where searching when cumming in
Bethany: 30 min thats all the time they gave anybody too come see u that was not good at all when u had alot of time

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Joey: Very personal and considerate
Bob: 2 small aisles withh seats, separated by plexiglass- no contact- only communication via phone.
Anne: You had to talk on the phone with a thick glass separating you from your visitor.
Beth: not sure
Gary: it was a room split with a wall with glass booths. You could see through them and you would talk through a phone.
JJ: n/a
Denise: Metal stools on both sides, bullet proof glass, telephones on both sides. I had good friends & family, so I always had multiple visits on visiting days. It was loud & hard to hear each other, and not being able to hug or touch was agonizing. We would touch hands through the glass. The officers were often extremely rude to your visitors.
Brett: the visitation environment was terrible. My visitors are on one end of a thick piece of plexiglass, and I am on the other end of the glass. Basically, we both pick up a phone and talk on the phone while looking at each other through a glass. No contact whatsoever.
Andrew: it wasnt too much different then the jail, almost the same just a small room with thick glass seperating the two people and a phone to use so you can hear each other, it was ok but they only give you about 20 mins. so you have to rush words
Bethany: u look threw a tv srceen too see your family and talk threw a phone on the wall for 30 mins long u can touch or nothing like that at all just on a srceen i really think thats not kool at all just time gone ... not kool.. ...

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