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Closing Advice

Interview with Greg and Tyler

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Greg: To make sure your loved ones put money in your account so you could call them and buy items if they want it. And try to visit whenever you can cause you don't know when the next time you can.
Tyler: that putting money on there account and phone account is very important because the food is nasty and the jumpsuits suck so money could be used to buy food and clothes

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Greg: Keep your chin up and don't get depressed, just find things to keep you busy and know that the inmates are nicer than the guards Like in my case the were.
Tyler: Bring money with you and talk to a lawyer before you go and have a plan on how to get out as far as something worked out with the district attorney

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Greg: None.
Tyler: Bainbridge substance abuse treatment center

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