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Good Behavior

Interview with Greg and Tyler

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
Greg: No, i was very good i would say and still had to do my time. The guards wouldn't even notice if a inmate did anything good.
Tyler: no I did not but some other inmates did earn 4 days a month if they were on run around doing chores for the jail. I was not eligible due to probation violation

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
Greg: I'm not sure. I never looked into it.
Tyler: two days for every one day

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
Greg: I never saw anyone getting time off for anything. I usually just minded my own thing but as for myself i would clean the rooms for free just cause i like to clean and was bored but i didn't get anything.
Tyler: avoid breaking any of the laws or 10 commandments or rules of the jail house. Do not cuss or swear at the officers. you really just have to be a positive person

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