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Visitor Policy

Interview with Cyle, Caesar, Liz, Samuel, Nick and Teresa

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Cyle: Only once.
Caesar: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 15 or 20 min. visits. There were certain hours, but i forgot what were the times.
Liz: 2 visits but cant be the same person for 20m a person on tue, thurs, and sat
Samuel: 3 times a week
Nick: wednesdays between like 4 pm and 8 pm that is it no other times could i receive visitors
Teresa: I was allowed visitors only on saturdays and i believe it was only a maximum of 2 visits per week.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Cyle: Yes very, it took ages before I was able to talk to my wife.
Caesar: Not sure, didn't ask.
Liz: get there early, takes 20m-1h to get thru depending on the day and side your on
Samuel: No
Nick: yes i had to wait several hours in what they call a holding cell all by myself and it took hours to even get a blanket and pad
Teresa: As I understand it the check-in process only consisted of signing in, showing them their i.d. stating which inmate you were there to visit and having to remove any and all metal.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Cyle: Just a phone and a window.
Caesar: About 20 seats, You were seperated by glass, and had to talk through a phone.
Liz: metal seat, thick glass, and a phone. not impressive.
Samuel: Loud
Nick: there is a glass clear wall that separates you and the visitor with a phone on each side to talk on and it was a limited time you can talk before i was made to go back in the cell to sit and wait or sleep or exercise or talk
Teresa: The visiting enviroment was somewhat impersonal as you were in a room with several inmates at a time in what can be described as stalls where your visitor was on the other side of a piece of thick glass in a separate room and you communicated through the glass by using telephone like instruments.

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