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Interview with Ian, Ron and Bodie

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Ian: You know I didn't. I've been in about every section over there. I was in max a couple of times and those peolpe are a little different. In the general population there's people in there are bullies. I'm 6' and 245 lbs. So I didn't get to much trouble
Ron: It is so different in jail. for the most part people group up. Respect is paramount although looked at much differently I had a hard time adjusting so yes I did have a few problems. Fights are fairly common and really the only way to solve problems in there.
Bodie: I found it to only be difficult when you have very strong personality types that think they run everything in there and if you have never been you dnt know better and let people boss you around and whatnot. The first few days are the worst if you dnt know anyone there. You talk to your cell mate but sometimes people are sick coming off drugs or are upset that they got in trouble they don't want to chat and are not friendly. you just use your judgement on who you feel like you can to talk to and you mind you p's and Q's and follow the rules in there you are most likely just fine. I was like the welcome wagon in there just because I have done so much time that why be upset or cry. I had done it to myself and not much you can do . you are stuck so I would try and be friendly with as many people as I could. They only issues is everyone thiks they know all the anwers to things and will tell you the wrong thing or fight abt things like that. If you get into an arguement and a gurad see it you are in trouble and thats what you dnt want . so most try and do there time and get out of there. They only time i didn't get along with an inmate is when I was clean the pod and was blamed for things out of my control. I would get irriatated and I argued with one of the inmates . Its frustrating being with that many girls day after day. you are bound to get on one anothers nerves for sure. I always ignored things the best I could. You learn that better to stay out of others crap cuz the whole pod gets in trouble and its no fun. You also have levels in there to stay out of your cells longer and more previelges so those are taken away if you to behave yourself and you can also lose your good time and thats days off your sentence for behaving yourself in there. So keep that in mind to keep you motivated to not cause problems or get in the middle of someone else's .

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Ian: Don't ask a lot of quesitons. Don't put out a lot of personal information because they pick up on that. It's easy to get picked on. Get involved with all the games that are played in there like the dominoes, handball, cards. You get to learn your about your fellow inmates that way. Make good connections too.
Ron: Stay quiet and basically hide. People without street cred or didn't have a group, was singled out and was tested. I learned quickly that this way of living was the only way at this jail. I just tried to stay to myself and not really get involved with people.
Bodie: Not get caught up in everyone else's drama. Alot of people know one another and start crap over things that happen before they got in trouble or things like that. Try not to gossip abt anoter inmate or say yeah I know you that is and then say I heard this or they did this . keep to yor own . You will find a group to talk to and whatnot but dnt judge others you all did something to be there and no need to make remarks and spread it around the pod. . if you just ignore the dumb things that sometimes get said and just focus on getting out and game plan you should be ok. if there's a major issue the guard will handle it and make everyone pay for it . usually that alone does the trick and things dnt get out of hand there has been occasions where it has and you learn after that its not worth getting in more trouble plus you can get new charges that way in jail.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Ian: If you're in two man cells you can put in a request to pick your own cellmate but it's not guaranteed. It's up to the guard. If you ask the right guard at the right time you could get it.
Ron: What??? no way that was never okay.
Bodie: This is a yes and no answer you have levels on where you are placed according to your charges and behavior. you start out in R&O which is 24/7 lock dwn in your cell for 2-5 days till you are classified and there is room in that section. level 1-5 then work release and community service that is at kiesel the other Jail. level 1 is the worst you are in lockdwn all time that means stuck in your cell all day with an hr out to shower and make calls and do whatever you can in that hr .Each level you get more privelieges and better things and classes. When you get to levels 4 and 5 you can sometimes ask if a certain person can me your cellmate it depends on the guard and bed that are available of its a bottom bunk you usually have a medical card to have bottom . So they dnt usually let those beds go cuz they always need them. I know because I have MS and need to have a bottom bunk and had to wait a few time and inmates that dnt have a medical need to have that get mad if your the reason they have to move. if the pods are not full and you have good behavior and whatnot they sometimes are ok with it . The problem with letting one then everyone wants to chage and they can't do that so thats when you get told no. if you decide to work and both you and that person have same shift they sometimes switch just depens.

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