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Jail Layout

Interview with Ian, Ron and Bodie

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Ian: That jails holds about 900 inmates. 4 Sections. 3 Pods for men and 1 for women. There are two man cells.
Ron: I am not sure but I remember hearing a-g so 6 blocks.
Bodie: In weber county I am not sure. There is one for the females and 3 for the guys i believe each block has so many pods. There are 4 pods to each block least in the female side there is .

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Ian: ABC and 123.
Ron: a-g like Alpha, fox, golf ect. there was also levels system 1-5 1.super max 2. max ect.
Bodie: They sure did Females is alpha pod the guys had delta fox and golf i believe. alpha is the female pods and the rest are the male pods

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Ian: Each pod is broken down into levels. Level 1 Super Max is for serious violent offenders. Level 2 is for Max which is the transition between the violent offenders and general population which is on Level 3.
Ron: super max was for habitually violent inmates. max for those who broke the rules and got in fights ect.
Bodie: depends are your levels there's 1-2 that are med- max then level 3 med . then level 4 that min. and level 5 thats min and then super max. or something like that

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Ian: The nicest part to me is the handball court. You also can meet a lot of good people in there. The worst part is going in there and not knowing where they are going to put you. First time you come in they go to R&O which you're by yourself just waiting to see what will happen.
Ron: Nice??? that is tough. It was fairly clean. The worst was the "yard" was enclosed in cement there was no way to see any nature or out side.
Bodie: each block has restrictions the higher the level the more privelieges you have . Nice to be out til 9pm in level 4 where in 3 you are locked down by quarter to 6 i believe for the rest of the night. where in 4 you dnt have til 9pm and then level 5 you can come back out after count til 11pm and you pretty much dnt get watched in level 5 they trust you enough to know what to do. Level 4 is 12 man cells that 12 females to one roon (and vice versa males) two toilets two sinks and 6 bunks thats alot of noise and girls to room with and I didn't like that set up at all the other levels are 2man cells level 4 got most inmates as level 5 got just a few. you get better commisarry you can order and more classes you can attend.

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