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Interview with Ian, Ron and Bodie

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Ian: I fell into a program drug diversion didn't do any time but then I violated that program with a DUI. They bought me 8 months. 5 in Weber.
Ron: 2 years probation, then when obsconded I was giving nine months in jail.
Bodie: I was booked in on that charge in april 04 and sentecing was end of June of 2004. Um once you go to court your attorney will tell you what the recommendation was on your file and more than likely whats going to happen. The judge doesn't always go by the recommendation. other parties get there say like prosecution and couselors depending on your case. If you have questions asked them before you enter the court room. Then the judge will ask you what your feeling are on what you did maybe another question or two. Then make his decision. I was sentence 0-5yrs with the 0-5 suspended which means you must comply with all terms or you can be facing max sentence.Then was placed on ap&p probation for 3yrs I had to take some kind outpatient treatment and classe. That I could not be by or consume alcohol and or any illegal drugs . Make sure your attorney asked for credit for time served if that hasn't already came up. That way any time you just did counts. I was given a clause that if i successfully completed my probation I would be albe to lower my charges a couple years later but had to comply with all terms. I was also told that if I screwd up I would be facing prison. That was that and it was done.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Ian: They'll haul you from the county in handcuffs with your feet schackled and cuffed around your waist and put up to ten guys into a tiny room. Not nice.
Ron: Yes it was so surreal it was like everyone was like happier if they got a long sentence as if they were getting over on the system as if they were better for it.
Bodie: Yes I did I waa already booked in when I went to sentencing so you sit in a holding cell waitnig knowing you are going home and you get inpatient if you aren't going home you are sad and stessed and just want to get back to the jail to eat and sleep . You want the day to be over. If you are being released the mins seem like hrs and you get worried that something going to happen with the paper work or the worst till you walk out the door. They tell you to Roll UP !!! The best thing to hear in there is Roll up

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