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Interview with Bruce, Jen, Crystal, Allison and Deanne

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Bruce: Not really. I am an easy-going guy to start with and just tried to keep to my own at first. I treated everyone with respect and, after awhile, found most of the other prisoners to be alright to deal with.
Jen: For the most part it was okay, but you are with some disgusting and rude people that just want trouble and try to find it with anyone. Most people have certain people they hang with and its just like small clicks, but there is always arguing and sometimes altercations break out but mostly arguing.
Crystal: No. The women that I was in the holding cell with at the beginning actually became friends of mine and I still talk to them to this day. We were all able to relate in that we were successful but made some big mistakes when it came to driving under the influence. Inside tent city it was also easy to talk to the other women and get along. Myself and the women who I stuck too did stay away from the work furlough group because they tented to break rules and cause trouble.
Allison: Well at first I slept for a long time but I cant stand chicks any way so I just payed attention to what I was doen,but eventionally u see people u no
Deanne: No, because most people who were there were also there on work release. Which meant that you spend 12 hours in and are released 12 hours to go to work. SO basically, people were just there to sleep.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Bruce: I never came close to a fight. I just tried to treat everybody with respect and mind my own business. On the work release side of the jail, things were pretty smooth as nobody wanted to get their work release hours taken away. If I saw a problem that I thought might create a fight between somebody, I would leave the area
Jen: Read a lot, slept a lot, tried to stick mostly to myself to not get overly involved or trust other people is where a lot of people end up with problems.Go to work and do what they say with as little involvement with others as you have to, make sure you have your own hygiene and food.
Crystal: I stayed away from them. I spent most of my time reading in my bunk and staying with the women who I had my initial intake with. It was the work furlough group that we all tended to stay away from. Since they were grouped together in their own tents it was easy to avoid them by not going in their tents.
Allison: I never had problums with no one but some girls just got attatude buy I just didnt pay them any mind n dont care what any one think thay way I had no problums if u dont take no crap be no crap just keep it real and every ting cool
Deanne: Not applicable. I did not have any issues or problems with any of the inmates, nor did I witness either of the above. It seemed as if, everyone just kept to themselves and behaved respectfully. I never wanted to eat any of the eals or food, so I always gave it away to others.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Bruce: I had to stay in a tent with about 20 other guys and did not get to choose who came and who went. Guys were constantly being released and new ones were being assigned in.
Jen: You are usually grouped in the tents by the job that you are assigned and the detention officers assign the bunks not the inmates. You can sometimes switch jobs and this will get your bunk assignment in a tent changed also
Crystal: We were not able to choose but they pretty much kept the women who you were with during intake in the same tents. People were always changing in the tents since different people were discharged and admitted every day. They would also randomly assign different people to new bunks every once in a while/
Allison: I was in tents jail no cells and there was like10 girls to a tent we all had bunk beds its kinda like camp but hard rules and mandatory job
Deanne: No, I do not think it is possible to choose your cellmate or in my situation they would not allow you to choose which tent number you would like to stay in.

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