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Closing Advice

Interview with Zach, Trevor, Andy, Adam, Wesley, Jackie, Ruth, Kristal and Chris

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Zach: Do not talk back to any hacks, do not let anything get worse than it really is by making it bigger than it really is/was. Do not trip on the TV or the phone and even if who-ever is running it seems unfair, its not yours, its not your home, its theirs. Lastly all this will pass, just hang in there and deal with it, try not to whine about it
Andy: First week in there might be rough but eventually you'll get use to it also if you want a little creature comfort make sure you have money on your books so you can at least get commissary aka food and other things.
Adam: You gotta tell them to send money and send love and support and visit them cause it's lonely being up in there and it's a must to give them support
Wesley: Get your personal property from the books away from jail custody. You should know your ex ref number. Get any of your affairs on the outside in order before serving time if possible
Jackie: make sure you have money on your phone and try to write to them as much as possible, that is the one thing we live for in ther is mail and getting the chance to talk for those 15 minutes to our loved ones. and if you have it like that then put money on their books too so you can buy hygiene and extra food for when you get super hungry at night, its what keeps you going in there. also, keep to yourself and never cry because girls will take everything you have emotionally
Ruth: They to be their as much as you can for the and know that they sometimes just need someone to vent to and even just a letter saying I love you is the most meaning full thing you can do for them because you feel alone and dead to the world when your in their
Kristal: Just as I said before its best to keep to yourself. Correspondence is very important, visits also but I learned how to get by without visits. Show some love to them.
Chris: I would tell them to be supportive, and it really just depends on each families position, and what the charges are. being in jail is a terrible time, and scary.

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Zach: Keep your head held up, and do your own time not every ones else’s.
Trevor: Don't share with those who seek out the weak. Follow suit but don't kiss anyone's behind and DON'T EVER SNITCH ON ANYONE EVER. You have the option to say, 'I DON'T KNOW AND I DON'T REMEMBER. There is no way for them to know if you are telling truth. If it isn't any of your business, KEEP AWAY FROM IT.
Andy: Don't do the crime...
Adam: Dont act like a punk, don't be a snitch, don't start gang nonsense, stand up straight, follow the rules, act like you are not a pushover, act like a man and don't take or give favors or nobody
Wesley: Be prepared for massive alarms going off. You are always having to stand at attention several times a day for role call. Learn to keep your emotions in check at all times.
Jackie: keep with the program, and be all eyes and ears for the first few days to get a feel on how the different girls work and how showers are being ran. get money on your books so you can buy commissary and phone time
Ruth: Stay off the bowl and out of drama don't hella complain and just be nice to people because your stuck with them and your time goes betterminus the drama ddon't try to act hard or bad just keep it cool with both cops and inmates and don't be a snitch
Kristal: try to work and go to school while in there it makes time go by a lot faster and easier. plus they usually deduct time off your sentence. Besides its better than sitting around doing nothing.
Chris: I would tell them to keep to them selves as much as possible but dont be stand offish either. I would also say to not be overly friendly or act afraid.

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Adam: Alameda couty jail in Oakland
Wesley: Vacaville state prison, Salono also known as CMFS, Old Folsom, Susanville, Tracy, Salidad, Avanol, Corrchrin, crc, cmc, chuckawalla valley state prison, chino, reno city, and shasta county jail
Jackie: i have been at RCCC. rio consumnes correctional center. that is where you go after you are sentenced at sac county jail to serve the remainder of your time.
Ruth: N/a
Kristal: Placer County Jail
Chris: Placer county jail

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