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Good Behavior

Interview with Zach, Trevor, Andy, Adam, Wesley, Jackie, Ruth, Kristal and Chris

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
Zach: Yes, I got good time for both good behavior and for going to a drug program/ school full time. I went to school 10 to 12 hours daily for 4 months, 120 days for an in-house drug program
Trevor: No
Andy: You don't get off for good behaviors, you have good time program. But you can get out early if you write a kite to the floor officer asking for an early release, in my case I got a 2 day early release.
Adam: Yes I got a month off my original bid stint for that
Wesley: yes. The judge permitted me to be elligible for 1/2 time credit
Jackie: you dont necessarily get out early for good behavior because our sentencing is based on 'good behavior' meaning you do half time for whatever your sentencing is. if you are incarcerated long enough to attend programs like computer class, parenting, ged class then you can get up to ten days off your sentencing.
Ruth: No I did not I got day for day so it could be considered good time because some people get their day for day taking if they act up
Kristal: They figure your sentencing with good time behavior and time already served included to your time left in custody.
Chris: No because I did not get a job, there was always favoritism

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
Zach: I think a day off for every 2 served.
Trevor: This is public information. You can look it up. Approx. 3 to every 10 days.
Andy: I believe if your crime was a minor misdemeanor or nonviolent then you only do 1/2 of your sentence but if it was more serious you have to do 2/3 of it.
Adam: I think two months but maybe more
Wesley: You may qualify for 1/2 time elligibility.
Jackie: while you are in jail, good time means that every day you spend in jail counts for 2 days towards your sentencing
Ruth: Day for day wheree one day equells two that you have served or sometimes they can give you a one or two day kick where they let you out a day or two early
Kristal: Halftime 50%but if you attend school while incarcerated you can have additional time taken off but no more than ten days.
Chris: I can not recall how long

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
Zach: Fighting, stealing food from the chowhall.
Trevor: You don't have to shove your head up anyone's behind but, you DO have to 'follow suit'
Andy: Fighting, getting caught with contraband, just use your common sense.
Adam: Stay out of trouble, no drama, no gang stuff, no fighting, keeping the cell clean, following rules and following directions and keeping in line and getting up on time
Wesley: disciplinarian actions, no rule breaking, no narcotics smuggling or consumption, no fighting, no disrespecting of any personnell, no stealing, can not even issue threats at all.
Jackie: you need to avoid doing dumb shit basically. people got written up all the time for fighting, sending kites, talking on their toilet bowl to the men upstairs, fishing through the toilets to the men upstairs. write ups happened all the time and they will get time added on and they will be on lockdown.
Ruth: Not fighting having drugs or controband and not getting alot of write ups and no I never saw anyone loose good time for being good
Kristal: Number #1 Fighting, write ups, stealing, contraband, I've witnessed several people losing they're good time for fighting. They also get put in lock down for a period of time.
Chris: You could receive time off for getting a job and getting working time off like being a trustee, but it is not a whole lot

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