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Jail Layout

Interview with Zach, Trevor, Adam, Wesley, Jackie, Ruth, Kristal and Chris

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Zach: The Sacramento main jail is all about the same, it is 3 sets of pods per side, there are two sides, east and west.
Trevor: four in the west side of the seventh floor
Adam: something like 12 or 14
Wesley: It was a hospitol as well so there was like 20 blocks. Each wing had 3 tiers
Jackie: there are 8 floors. each floor had a west side and an east side. each side had 4 sections
Ruth: Their Andre 4 pods two floor tuners to every pod two people to every cell and 32 to 20 cells in each pod
Kristal: Downtown-the womens floor which there was only one. There was 5 different pods, with about 100 women per pod. At the branch there was 4 different dorms ranging from 25-100 women per pod.
Chris: I honestly do not recall

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Zach: 6 west 300, it goes 100 pod, 200 pod and 300 pod, the 300 pods are for dudes that have been to the pen before, the 100 pods are for first termers.
Adam: We just called them like "cell block a,b etc" and we had some nicknames and slang for them
Wesley: The blocks all used to have letters in the alphabet.
Jackie: yes, each side of the floors had four pods 100, 200, 300 and 400 pod
Ruth: 1pp pod 2oo pod 3oo pod and 4oo pod .
Kristal: Downtown just numbers (100 pod, 200 pod etc.) at the branch there was Kenya, Golden Poppy, Ramona, and I cant remember the other one.
Chris: I remember there were different sides like east and west

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Zach: See previous answer.
Adam: I heard the ones on sex charges and crimes were seperated as well as snitches and then gang members who were validated were put in different blocks to avoid drama
Wesley: The general population, disciplinary house is called shu, medical wing or the infirmary, special needs inmates like homosexuals, new comers were kept seperate, it also had honor wing for exceptionally behaved inmates
Jackie: a 100 pod which is for people that are first timers or people who havnt spent much time behind bars. 200 pod is for people who have spend a reasonable amount of cummulitive time behind bars, 300 pod is for people that are going to be there for a while fighting cases and that have an extensive background with the law, 400 pod is for disciplinary or the crazies. its one woman to a cell and they are fed their trays through slots in their door.
Ruth: 4oo was for people that were in alot of trouble like alot of write ups and fights the rest were just based on what u were designated to but you would move if you got into problems in you pod
Kristal: Ramona had all the women going to prison, and trouble makers. Golden Poppy or GP had all the inmates who worked jobs while locked up. Kenya had all the rest.
Chris: It was everyone put together, but during the screening process they would ask questions to see where you would go, and also if you were afraid for your life they would put you in solitary confinement

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Zach: Nothing really nice, but that on each pod, there are upper and lower parts of each pod, each division is said to get out for day room...though not at the same time. But each pod have a few single cells. I like being in a cell by my self. Worst - having bad cellie, have bad hack (Horses ass carrying keys).
Adam: The nicest ones are for the non violent and the prisoners on good behavior and the worst were for the snitches and deviants and others who were breaking rules including the hole and solitary. It was pretty bad all the way around and not much difference in good conditions and stuff.
Wesley: There was an order about it. general population afforded unlocked yard time, more movement for the inmates, go to the library, you could hold a job or attend school, go to the canteen, get visits. Bad things were loss of personal freedoms and stripped away many basic dignities that i took for granted before,
Jackie: i have only experienced being in 100 pod, you will see all different kinds of people in there. and you usually get the people that are on the news and come into jail. you definitely dont want to find yourself in 400 pod, that is the worst pod to be in
Ruth: Some had better views out of your windows some you had better views into the indoor rec so you can see what's going on on the floor some were colder then others some you can see the TV and others you couldn't and some were bigger and some weren't and only two pods had clocks
Kristal: I never knew anything else about the other blocks other than the one i was housed in. They all had issues good or bad. Just probably Ramona being the place I never wanted to end up. The nicest would have to be Kenya due to that being the only one I lived in.
Chris: I do not remember any thing nice about being in the jail or the different blocks, the worst part was when you first get up on the block, sometimes you were on a mat on the floor because there was not any room to put us until after orientation screening

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