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Interview with Zach, Trevor, Andy, Adam, Wesley, Jackie, Ruth, Kristal and Chris

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
Zach: Three regular meals.
Trevor: 3
Andy: 3 meals a day, breakfast at 4am, lunch at 10am then dinner at 4pm. If you're lucky enough to be in the 3West 100 or 200 pod then most of the time you're able to get double trays during breakfast and dinner, while lunch you'll get plenty of sandwiches and soups.
Adam: Three square a day unless misbehaved
Wesley: 2 hot meals and 1 box meal
Jackie: we were fed three times a day, breakfast at 5 am, lunch at 10:30 am and dinner at 4:30 pm and you arent fed again for the rest of the day.
Ruth: You got 3 meals a day
Kristal: Three meals, two hots and one cold (lunch)
Chris: Breakfast lunch and dinner were served

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
Zach: On a scale of 1-10, ten being bad, I'd say most people would consider it an 11. But then I like jail food, so I'm different.
Trevor: ok
Andy: It's not as bad as people think. But you're in jail so don't expect much.
Adam: It was not that bad. Mainly, bland oatmeal for breakfast, bland soup, noodles, veggies. Not like a restaurant , lol, and the portions were small and the food was not tasty and spicy and it was not flavorful. Its most like that cafeteria style food that you get in high school
Wesley: he food was mediocre. Oameal eggs, toast, chicken halves, good meals on christmas and thanksgiving. We had cake daily. Dinner was polish sausage and sour craut, chicken patties, salsberry steak, peas and carrots mixec, salad that consisted of lettuce and tomato, bread at almost every meal that every one tried to get more of to fill you up and hold you over
Jackie: the food was very tasteless and sometimes not even edible. the only good days were tuesday and friday mornings when they served gravy with your breakfast because it was the only taste of salt that they would serve. lunch was normally never good enough to even leave your cell to go get. the sandwhiches were so unedible you wouldnt believe it.
Ruth: Some times it was nasty sometimes it was good the longer you were their the more you liked it but I never liked lunch it was always a sandwhich soup and a price of fruit but with other meals we would add it to food we got on commissary and make it pretty good
Kristal: Lunches were very repetative same things over and over dinners were descent and breakfast was too early to participate. On a scale from 1-10 10 ten being the best I'd say a 6 or 7. It wasnt fun drinking water for every meal either. I hate jail food all of it.
Chris: The food is really the worst, not healthy at all but we are prisoners so they dont care about us being healthy. The inmates use to call a lot of the meals road kill because that is what it looked, smelled and tasted like. I looked forward to the apples and oranges.

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
Zach: I like the s*** on a shingle, eggs, even green powdered eggs. I like most all meals, but the food is pretty bad.
Trevor: gravy and rice for breakfast was good
Andy: For breakfast it would be biscuit and gravy, rice and gravy and the french toast. For lunch I only liked peanut butter and jelly sandwich Wednesday. For dinner spaghetti days.
Adam: I like the turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes and beans because it was pretty good and tasted ok and also the mac and cheese was ok
Wesley: TThe biscuits and gravy served att breakfast was my favorite and the least favorite was the probably the scrambled eggs.
Jackie: yes, favorite meals were during breakfast on biscuit and gravy day on tuesdays and rice and gravy on friday because they had a saltiness to them
Ruth: Loved french toast and eggs and these little breakfast burritos with you had hot sause and hot dogs and potatoes rice and gravy and biscuits and gravy they were just good
Kristal: I enjoyed the dinners probably most of all because they were a mystery. I didnt like the fact all they served was soy products in place of meat.
Chris: I would have to say lunch was the worst. They make a soup from the previous days dinner, and throw everything in it.

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
Zach: Yes, you can spend $120 per week on candy!! You can buy all kinds of things if you have the money.
Trevor: no
Andy: On 3West 100/200 pods we got a very big commissary list, you can get candies like snickers, kit kat to potatoe chip and cookies. I know our list is a lot longer than inmates housed on different floors.
Adam: There was a snack commissary where you could buy snacks and chips and candy if your family sends you monies for that. It was a bit expensive and some of it was kinda stale too!
Wesley: the commisary was like a little drug store. One stop shop. You go deoderant, toothpaste, and any other living nessassaties. I found he commisary to be priced competativly with grocery stores. The main thing sold was probably bath shoes.
Jackie: no snacks were offered other than the three meals they provided. if you were diabetic or pregnant you got an extra milk and sandwhich at night around 9 pm. other than that you would have to order off commissary which had outrageous prices for dollar tree knock off brands they sold to us. almost 5 dollars for a box of hy top brand graham crackers was crazy
Ruth: No snacks and commisarry is honestly just everything from the doller store or 99 cent store and the price was jacked up about 3 times what it is their its way over priced but needed
Kristal: Commissary was cool when i could afford it which was seldom. But very expensive. The only other snacks besides offered were diabetic and pregnant (sandwich, fruit, and milk)they offered those half way between dinner and bed time.
Chris: Commissary is so expensive it is ridiculous. They charge high prices for dollar store items, from food to hygiene, writing materials. It is a huge ripe off. It is bad enough to be there and that on top of it.

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