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Visitor Policy

Interview with Zach, Trevor, Andy, Adam, Wesley, Jackie, Ruth, Kristal and Chris

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Zach: 2 times per week for one hour, but they deny visiting on regular basis, saying they are full. They turn away visits daily.
Trevor: twice a week for an hour.
Andy: 2 Visits a week I believe
Adam: If good behavior then twice a week for a limited time after they got searched
Wesley: I could recieve visitors every week and a, what we called, a "boneyard" visit with your loved one.
Jackie: you could get 2 visits per week at the main jail and when you are moved to RCCC you get one visit a week
Ruth: Your can receive social visits twice a week only but lawyer visits whenever they wanted
Kristal: Downtown only twice a week and i'm not sure of the visiting policy there either.
Chris: I think it was either once or twice a week, I can not remember to be honest.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Zach: Yes, If they are able to visit, the wait is at least one to two hours.
Trevor: yes.
Adam: They did background checks on them, asked them to not bring anything it, and did a search for contraband and everything and they made sure they were ok
Wesley: Visitors had to be approved before they were allowed to visit and that alone took a good length of time. When they did come to visit they had alot of restrictions in place to visit, so yes it was a lenghty process.
Jackie: yes, it could be very difficult sometimes for people that want to see you, they have to make sure to get there early enough to get a time slot and there are certain parts of the day when we are having chow that there are no visits so sometimes they will check in and have to wait a couple hours til the next time slot.
Ruth: No they just cheackin down stairs with their I'd and see when their was an available time for them to visit or set an appointment to see you that day
Kristal: I never received any visits during my incarceration. That was by my choice,or request to my family. Especially not to bring my kids although it hurt alot.
Chris: I was told it was a lengthy process, and even though there is no contact your visitor is still subject to a strip search if they want to do it

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Zach: Loud, through phone/glass.
Trevor: thick glass and dirty counters to top it off with a phone that you can barely hear through.
Andy: Just you and the other person/persons with a thick glass in between.
Adam: It was a central room where visitors came while being watched like a hawk by the staff and guards and it was real uncomfortable even though I wanted to see them cause it was for a limited time and people always watching you and the guards would sometimes stare if they suspected something
Wesley: Inside windows you could look out. There was a small outside arwea. You could not sit next to your wife. You had to sit across from your spouse. You wwere not allowed o kiss. There was vending machines. Security walked around freely. You could buy a ticket to have a photo taken.
Jackie: you are in a row side by side next to other inmates visiting, and there was no privacy you could clearly look over to your left or right and see the next persons family or friends that were visiting. the windows were always gross and diry and sometimes got in the way of being able to see your loved ones on the other side of the glass.
Ruth: It is just a row of booths with thick glass seperating you and phones to talk thru everyone can hear your conversation as well not privet at all even in the attorney visiting rooms people could hear you soit wasn't nice but it was something when you got lucky enough to get one
Kristal: I'm not even sure how the whole visiting situation went. I never got involved with it. although I did work in the "gate house" crew)where we cleaned up after the days visiting registrations and visiting. It usually was quite messy, then we had to go through strip search in order to return to our dorms. .
Chris: I didnt get visits very often but it is very cold, with a piece of glass in between you and your visitor. It was not a good time, I always did look forward to a visit, and always had hoped to get one every week. It is the only thing to look forward to

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