Florida has one of the highest county jail inmate populations in the US. This isn't surprising considering the number of people who live in Florida.

Many ex-inmates of Florida county jails report gang activity and racial tensions, which is not uncommon but heightened by the fact that there is so much racial diversity in Florida.

If you or somebody you know is heading to a county jail in Florida you should know what to expect. CountyJail.net shares information about different jails across the state (and nation). Find out information about visiting hours, telephones, how good behavior works, what meals to expect and more.

While the prospect of going to jail (or even knowing somebody going to jail) is scary, once you start doing your research you will probably feel a little bit better. Jails in Florida can be pretty rough, but it is no comparison to the prisons in Florida where inmates go for longer, more serious sentences. It is rare to spend more than a year in a county jail facility.

Usually in county jail you won't need to fight to defend yourself. If you stay to yourself and show respect to other people you will usually find that inmates will offer you the same. In general people doing a relatively short stint (to a career criminal anything under a year is pretty short), nobody wants to risk picking up new charges that might lead to a longer stay in the jail (or worse, a transfer to a state prison facility).

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