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Hernando County Jail

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Interview with Ron, JM, Julianne and Rick

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Ron: I spent 7 months in CCA while I was going through all my court hearings. Between the public defender not having time to look over my case, my family saved up the money and hired a private attorney. After that it was just my attorney making a deal with the state attorney.
JM: I spent five months in the jail before being sentenced to six months probation with early termination once I gave up a state license.
Julianne: i am a christian. jesus and angels are over me. like samson i guess i have a reason to be alive i dont want to hurt anyone but when someone abuses someone, for no good reason.... my sentance for the first one was removed the second was go to see fightmaster who i chose because i knew him before,,, in jesus i will see all who hurt their neighbor the bigest crime is lack of love,,, you see. we live in broken laws. of god. not man made laws... we were orderd by god to love him and then to love each other as our self.. seducing spirits are over us and this is the hardest thing to fight.. when i was raped. i can tell you... as a child i was four when harry browning molested two little girls in my home in the bathroom... when i saw what he did to vicki i ran and got my father i was screaming daddy harry had a knife he was going to kill us i am sure of this. if we are dead no one would have know i had to go to court for this and what he said we wanted it what got me out of it was i went and got my daddy i know better to fight a rapest they tell people you want it... if you fight they kill. i was beaten witha wooden bread board by william marino of chino calif he beat my children and me. he held a hammer over my babies and my head, glad jesus will repay
Rick: year probacton 50 work hrs and a shop lifters course to take in your own home

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Ron: Yes. After the hearing they placed us in the holding cell for 1 to 3 hours with nothing to eat then took us back to our dorm.
JM: I spent quite a bit of time in the hold cells. It's not terrible as long as you're not in the cell with someone that has an attitude problem. Many inmates find several reasons to complain, and will often get angry and start yelling while waiting to go to court or waiting to be transferred back to the dorms.
Julianne: i was in jail the second time for three days in which i did not eat i fasted and prayed. and feared all who were rulers and powers because once you are told you broke a law. even if you didnt do it you are guilty and treated as such
Rick: went to houseing to the cells

Life On The Inside
Often it is the small touches from the outside that mean a lot to an inmate doing time. This is true with photographs. Inmates at the Hernando County Jail are allowed to have up to 10 photographs but these have to conform to the jail's picture policies. Basically, if you could hang this photo up in church you would be in good shape.

Inmates at Hernando County Jail are set up with two TVs with satellite: one that is Spanish and one in English. There are also cards, board games and various workout equipment in the yard. Inmates are granted outdoor rec time provided the jail is not on lockdown. In addition to those activities, there are more productive uses of time such as reading from the library, bible study or other self-improvement classes.

Eating in Hernando County Jail
In terms of the meals, a former inmate summed it up best by saying, "Not to die for but they keep you fed. You are able to identify what you are eating. You get small portions, they serve the same meals all the time." Inmates are also given commissary privileges. Those same privileges can also be taken away as the result of any minor infraction with the staff.

Good Behavior Policy
At Hernando County Jail, inmates are allowed to work towards having good time. An inmate who stays out of trouble can receive up to 5 days per month reduced off their sentence. If they complete work assignments they can get an additional 3 days taken off. Overall, an inmate needs to serve out at least 70% of their original sentence.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
An inmate is allowed to put down 15 names on their potential visitors list but only 3 visitors are allowed per session. All visitors need to sign in 15 minutes before their scheduled time. If they miss that window, the visitation will be cancelled. Visits are conducted by way of video monitors.

Even under those conditions, visitors still need to dress appropriate which means nothing that is tight, revealing or see-through. Inmates are granted one 2 hour visit session a week. However, if the monitor systems are down then the visits will be cancelled.

As for phone calls, there are phones in each cellblock that are turned on during the day for inmates to make outgoing collect calls only. The calls are only 15 minutes.

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