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Reviews for Hernando County Jail


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Reviews for Hernando County Jail

Reviews by Ben

JM: Which jail did you visit?
Ben: Hernando County

JM: How long ago was your visit?
Ben: Can not get visitation scheduler to call back

JM: How many times did you visit?
Ben: Waiting for time and date when lazy,swampbillys at jail put their donut down

JM: How do you go about making an appointment to see an inmate?
Ben: You call the jail and ask for extension 1024 but always get an anwsering machine and leave as many messages as you like will do no good.

JM: How long did check-in process take?
Ben: If like anything else with these bozos look at about three to four weeks

JM: Were the guards accommodating?
Ben: NOT AT ALL!!!!!!

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Ben: Couldnt tell ya cant get a date and time,you mail letters they send them back,you send postcards they send them back,and pay for the phone service your loved one will not get to use the phone and are doing all that is asked of them and having good behaviour.

JM: How long was your visit? Did the guards ever allow you to take extra time?
Ben: You will not get extra anything from those yokos

JM: What was the parking situation like?
Ben: Would love to know

JM: What advice would you offer to somebody who is going to visit an inmate in this jail?
Ben: Say what you need to if you are lucky enough to get an appointment cause no telling when the nazis will let you back.This place takes all do not get locked up here you can put 300.00 like we have on an inmate account and they still cannot get shampoo,calling cards,or nothing.My loved one has requested a change of clean clothes for six days.

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