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Jail Layout

Interview with Ron, JM, Julianne and Rick

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Ron: Two wings, 7 on the north side, and 6 on the east side. Plus the annex which housed females
JM: There are a few. There is a medical wing on the second floor- this is used to house sick patients and the mentally infirmed- nurses work there, and they are a bit nicer, but in general you want to avoid being there. There is the old wing of the jail- often called the gladiator school. The cells are older and have bars, there is a sensitive needs pod there where medical issues and child molesters are kept- you also go here from suicide watch. The rest of that area has numerous types of criminals. The new wing has several pods located in it, Lima is the AdSeg pod, and in general you'll find many different types of criminals in this area, there is a high population of Federal cases in this section. There is also an annex that houses female inmates and a low security annex for people that are not considered risks.
Julianne: very many all evil... in jesus name i stand as a wittess to the mental cruelty of the powers of this present darkness. they are cold and lack any compassion
Rick: 3 to 4 blocks maybe more that was just on our end you had the girls on the other end

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Ron: Yes. A-H was on the north side and L-Q was on the east side.
JM: They all have military names L= Lima, N= November, etc.
Julianne: pods
Rick: no name just a letter and numger like E3 Hpod stuff like that

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Ron: Females in the annex. L is confinement, the east side is mostly high risk and federal inmates. A dorm is medical, B is where you are held till after your first apperance in court. C-H is regular housing.
JM: Women out at the annex. Low security risk in another annex. There used to be a high bond pod but it is now gone. New inmates enter the facility and go to the intake pod in the old wing. The medical issues go to the clinic for eval, if you're crazy or fake it you will end up there as well. Lima is AdSeg and that's for inmates of high note, and problem cases.
Julianne: i do believe they are just all together
Rick: what ever you are charge with kind get housed with stealiing or shoplifting all fellings you be with

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Ron: North side has larger cells which was a good thing, but the north side was older and dirter. East side was 2 man cells, freezing all the time, in the middle of summer in 100 degree weather, you still had to wear sweats.
JM: The old end wasn't particularly nice, but there was an option to spend time on a bunk out in the middle of the pod. The East unit is nice, clean, but cold. The worst part is being locked up, that never changes.
Julianne: its all evil made by satans kids
Rick: way to cold more close and stuff the better helps with being sick going in with draw i know i did they dont do a hole lot with that so if you use when you go in can bet your ass it will be the worset week or two of your life to with draw at

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