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Visitor Policy

Interview with PJ, Katherine, Jimmy, Baldy, Karen, Richard and Danielle

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
PJ: up to 5 times per week maximum
Katherine: Everyday if you wanted to. Unfortunately i didnt have the privilage of visitors.
Jimmy: once a day twice a week
Baldy: my momz, once a week.
Karen: I think once or twice a week
Richard: i am not sure i did not receive any visitors at that time during incarceration
Danielle: the visitor has to call and make an appointment to come and see you. i didnt recieve visitors

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
PJ: yes
Katherine: Yes you had to at least make a 1 week notice a head of time and the time frame you were going to be there, But before they changed all that..It was first come first serve and lines were out the door to only talk for 15 minutes.
Jimmy: dont know they just told me when they were their
Baldy: dont know
Karen: n/a
Richard: i do not know because the only visitors i had to see me was legal counsel from the public defenders office or the nurse for medication
Danielle: i was told that it was crazy because you have to wait and the officers played favorites about who came to see who and got in and who didnt

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
PJ: sat on either side of partition
Katherine: Dumb. There is no one on one contact or visiting. You get to do it with a phone a camera and a TV monitor and thats it. And half of those didnt even work or they would break down.
Jimmy: talking through a screen isnt really pleasent
Baldy: i was by myself, looking in a monitor at who came to see me and talking on the phone at the same time
Karen: n/a
Richard: the other inmates told me it is via a monitor and that there is no physical contact at this facility.only time that it is an interactive visit is when it is with your legal counsel or public defender or the people of the church staff like the pastor at the jail
Danielle: there was no environment. we went in a little box of a room where there is 1 tv that you see your visitor talk thru a phone that only works sometimes. half the time the tv dont work. then your time gets taken away even if you cant see or hear who comes to see you

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