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Closing Advice

Interview with James, Charles, Doug, Nick, Erik, Edwin, Will, Rickey, Lee, David, Ann and Scott

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
James: Get a good private lawyer, clear your name, and get OUT of Broward (really all of Florida).
Charles: before getting locked up throw on a sweater, two tall t-s and a white pair of shoes with no metal in them.
Doug: Your f*ed and you might not survive incarceration.
Nick: That if your quiet and keep yourself busy with reading and writing, also start exercising all the time. Your time should go by relatively quick. Also talking on the phone.
Erik: I would want them to visit as often as possible and to try to keep money on the inmates account wait for them outside when release to avoid added stress
Edwin: Just to stay positive whether you are guilty or not. The system isn't perfect but it truely can be a lot worse.. you dont have any friends in jail everyone there has their own problems ...
Will: I would say if you can do the crime you can do the time but I would not wish the experience on my worst enemy the Broward County Jail is a horrible place that only breeds more horror.
Rickey: dont go do better
Lee: The place is nowhere to spend your life going in and out of, but it's not as bad as a lot of folks makes it out to be either. Simply put, mind your business and you'll be fine.
David: The Broward County Jail charges a $15.00 booking fee and $2.00 a day for housing while you are incarcerated there. Because of this most people can't afford commissary because they automaticaly deduct $14.00 a week from your account.
Ann: expect for them to be there for a little while if they dont have a postable bond,visits are not guranteed and your phone bills are going to be very high
Scott: i wouldnt want any of my friends or family going into any jail but i heard gunclub was the worst cause i was in broward county for possesion of marihuana and it wasnt as bad

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
James: In addition, just a comment. Sherriff Navarro fed inmates much better(taste and portion) and he also supplied basic cable TV. Having those added to the peace. Hopefully all of Florida will make their jails/prisons more rehabilitative because all the facilities are just a warehouse of criminals. The system is a big revolving door. While incarcerated inmates just become better criminals by far. With criminal records it is very hard to get a white collar/high paying job, the releasees make so much more money selling crack. Look at this(to prove my point): On the PRR list of crimes that will give you 20 years per se does not list cocaine or crack dealing. You know why, because that's where the majority of the money is coming from. I'd guess that close to if not more of the money received by any part of the corrections is in some way rooted to crack. All the money that convicted dealers have at arrest is forfeited. The majority of Positive drug tested VOPs are positive for drugs. The money sent to the inmate for commissary often comes from other crack dealers, or from items sold that were obtained from crack dealing. If a prison release steals a $1500.00 Bicycle, they'll do 10 years FSP Mandatory, But a crack dealer will probably get probation. Why? So the money keeps pouring in to the system. Also, if you have money when arrested it is almost impossible to sign it out to somebody. I personally was arrested one time with $500.00. I filled out the voucher to give "all funds" to my mom. It was refused and I was told that I needed to write exact amount. When I wrote"$350.00" it was refused because it had to be the total funds. Basically when the voucher is received by personnel, the numerical amount that HAD to be written in numbers, HAD to match the full amount in the BSO computer. This is impossible because you don't know how many days will pass before your dollars written will be processed (BSO charges daily fees, charges for meds) so you'll never get it right. Technically you are able to sign out your money, but BSO makes it impossible to do.
Charles: Don't get locked up.
Nick: That if your quiet and keep yourself busy with reading and writing, also start exercising all the time. Your time should go by relatively quick. Also talking on the phone. Mind your business.
Erik: I would tell that person to just keep to themselves and take everything as a punishment like it should be don't go around complaining because your there to be punished
Edwin: If you have to serve time, just do it don't let the time do you ... you know one day you will be coming home. dont let no one or nothing take that away from you.
Will: follow the rules stick to your self do not make something your business if it is not your business do not loan anything do not borrow anything do not ask a bunch of questions and wait your turn for everything
Rickey: stay to yourself
Lee: Mind your business, stay out of the way of trouble makers when you can and just treat it like what it is, a learning experience. no need to try to be something you're not.
David: Keep to your-self and avoid the knuckle heads when you can. If and once you become county sentenced become a trustee or get into some education classes so that you can stay busy, it's eaiser to stay out of trouble that way.
Ann: try to keep to yourself,,educate your self on the charges you are accused of and try to find you self a way out legally,,or stay in your room and dont talk to anyone
Scott: for them just to listen to the officers and do not assocoiate yourself with other inmates cause alot of people just like to start problems with you or act like they are better then you

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Nick: Conte facility and main jail.
Erik: Atlantic County
Edwin: I've done time no where else ...
Will: I was at Charlotte Correctional Institution
Rickey: conte
Lee: Joseph B. Conte, Lee county jail, Dade correctional, Hardee correctional, South Bay correctional, Sumter correctional, Lake Butler RMC.
David: Potter County Jail in Amarillo, Texas Lubbock County Jail in Lubbock, Texas
Ann: prison
Scott: broward county and gunclub

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