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Interview with James, Charles, Doug, Nick, Erik, Edwin, Will, Rickey, Lee, David, Ann and Scott

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
James: Three meals.
Charles: 3
Doug: 3
Nick: 3 meals a day, everyday.
Erik: three meal where served everyday
Edwin: You received three meals a day
Will: we got three meals per day breakfast lunch and dinner
Rickey: 3
Lee: We had three meals daily.
David: Three meals a day, two meals were cold (sack breakfast and lunch) only dinned was a hot meal.
Ann: we received 3 meal a day
Scott: 3 meals a day but i did not eat any of the food

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
James: Pretty bad tasting…it was minimal and cold. BOLOGNA sandwiches everyday. Often for 2 or 3 meals.
Charles: Bad until I got my kosher tray, then its like bein on the outs.
Doug: ok sometimes
Nick: I would say it is not horrible but not great. It is usually a bagel in the morning with grits or oatmeal. Bologna, salami, or peanut butter in the afternoon for lunch. Also for dinner was meat patty with rice, hot dogs with beans, sausage and mashed potatoes, or some kind of noodles and sauce.
Erik: I would rate the food as low as possible there would never be enough and every meal was pre made and pre packaged but the dinner meal was the only hot food ever given you could order food through the commissary but only if you had a balance on your inmate account
Edwin: I would rate the meals on a scale 1 to. 10 a 6. They do give you recommended amount of carbohydrates and vitamin. But the selection and seasonings really need to be worked on. The food is sometimes cold and very often bland... they Really need to work on those two rhings
Will: all free meals were absolutely terrible. The food was always cold had no flavor whatsoever and everything was turkey saw a product and there was no real meat. also it was like let's make a deal because as soon as the officer would leave the sector all kinds of trades would take place for example meet would be traded for milk milk would be traded for jello it cetera et cetera
Rickey: a one
Lee: the food was better than expected on most days. The jail house seems to keep a good staff of cooks working there, since the correction officers or jailers mostly eat whatever the inmates eat also it makes sense to at least make it something worth eating. chicken days were always awesome.
David: Barely enough to survive on. Breakfast was always one hard boiled egg, one piece lunch meat and one small dry cereal along with a 1/2 pint of milk. Lunch was always one sandwich, one small bag of chips and one orange. Dinner usually consisted of Beans with cut up hot dogs( thined out to the max with starch), corn bread and a vegtable.
Ann: the food was horrible,the portions were very small and most of the time the food was cold even frozen,i never saw a hot breakfast or lunch the whole time i was there,they had a set time for the food arriving but it never did,and it had no flavor and salt and pepper were not given
Scott: on a scale one through 10 i would rate it a 4 i do not eat pork and they mostly give you sandwich's and they do not have regular food or give you any snacks the only thing i ate was the cookies and juice i do not eat meat

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
James: I'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever eat BOLOGNA again.
Charles: Breakfast? Shit on a shingle! I hate beans.
Doug: chicken leg quarter on the bone was the best.
Nick: Some of my more favorite meals were the meat patty, hots dogs, peanut butter and jelly, sausage, also they had a stew. Worst meals were the noodles and sauce.
Erik: my favorite meal was the peanut butter and jelly that would come at lunch time two times per week sometimes three
Edwin: I can honestly say my favorite part of the meal would be desert whether it would be fruit or something sweet ..
Will: my favorite meal was on the days that hard boiled eggs were served because nobody can screw up a hard boiled egg
Rickey: no
Lee: My favorite meals were chicken, we had baked bar b qued chicken and some times fried. Hamburger and meatloaf days were good too. My least fav was always lunch mistery meat.
David: No favorate and they were all my least favorate. Had to eat all of it any way just to keep my body weight up.
Ann: some of the meals were better than others,but they all had that same bland taste that ive never tasted any where else
Scott: I do not eat meat so anything with meat was my least favorite my favorite was just the cookies and juice

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
James: Not unless you purchased it, or are Diabetic.
Charles: If you have money.
Doug: canteen
Nick: Yes they would give you cookies sometimes with lunch during the week. Commissary was very limited in choices, nothing healthy what so ever. Mostly chips, cookies,and candy. It was actually way overpriced because they were mostly dollar foods that they charge alot for.
Erik: yes the commissary was very pricy I never had the money to order food I would always use it to get personal hygiene products such as shampoo and toothpaste, there was a hot meal once a week
Edwin: Commissary was offered. And it allowed you to look past some of those terrible meals ... at the same time the items on the commissary menu were sorta expensive ... they must have forgotten we were in jail ...
Will: snacks were never provided and the prices of the commissary were greatly increased and once a week was the availability and the items were so overpriced that I found it impossible to afford them so mostly I did without.
Rickey: no
Lee: any other snacks were the inmates responsiblility through commissary or canteen as we called it. It wasn't as expensive as your stores in the general public, and we had an amazing choice of foods and snacks t order.
David: No snacks what so ever. Commissary was super expensive and only the well to do inmates coulf afford it. Commissary could only be ordered once a week and then you had to wait a week to get your order in. Ramen noodle soups were .90$ apiece.
Ann: The only other snacks that were avaliable were were all avaliable only through commissary. Most of the time inmates did not have money to purshase extra snacks therefore it made the fight for food crucial.
Scott: i was not offered any snacks i was only in there 2days so did not receive commisary but at gunclub you can have commissary if somebody puts money in your account and the inmates told me everything was 2x or 3x the amount it would be out of jail

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